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Seamlessly retrieve survey and customer feedback from Alchemer.


Streamline your search and discovery capabilities with Algolia, the go-to platform for enhancing and optimizing your search experiences.

Amazon Ads

Grow your business with online advertising solutions that help you find, attract, and engage customers on and off Amazon.

Amazon Seller Central

Manage and optimize your individual product sales on Amazon through Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon Vendor Central

Effortlessly sell products in bulk to Amazon through Amazon Vendor Central.


Enhance your influencer strategy with AspireIQ, the ultimate platform for seamlessly managing and optimizing collaborations.

Attentive Mobile

Revolutionize your customer engagement with Attentive, the leading platform for creating and optimizing personalized mobile messaging experiences.

Azure SQL Database

Power your applications with Azure SQL Database, the robust platform for seamless management and optimization of your relational database in the cloud.


Manage and optimize your product availability notifications with BackinStock, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.


Elevate your eCommerce presence with BigCommerce, a cloud-based platform tailored for established and rapidly growing businesses,


Optimize large-scale data processing effortlessly with BigQuery, the cutting-edge cloud platform for unparalleled data analytics performance.

BigQuery Database

Optimize large-scale data processing effortlessly with BigQuery, the cutting-edge cloud platform for unparalleled data analytics performance.

Bing Ads

Leverage Bing Ads for effective targeted advertising, driving online visibility and engagement with your audience.


Enrich your data by adding supplemental information with CSV files.


Elevate your commerce marketing with Criteo's premier platform, delivering personalized performance marketing powered by machine learning technology.


Optimize your operations with Duoplane, streamlining order management for efficient and scalable business operations.


Optimize eCommerce analytics effortlessly with Elevar, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing online performance.


Revitalize marketing with Emarsys, an innovative platform automating personalized customer interactions for impactful results.


Enhance social media management with Emplifi, a dynamic platform for effective engagement and optimization.


Enrich your data by adding supplemental information with Excel files.


Seamlessly fulfill eCommerce, DTC, and omnichannel orders with Extensiv.


Amplify your reach and enhance online visibility through ad campaigns with Facebook.


Optimize marketing spend and drive conversions with Fairing's attribution surveys and post-purchase data segmentation.


Scale seamlessly with Fulfil.io, integrating inventory and order management for efficient operations.

GA First Click Data

Utilize GA First Click Data for insights into initial touchpoints, fostering data-driven decisions and understanding audience interactions with your website.


Leverage the GA4 API for advanced analytics and enhanced data insights, empowering informed decision-making in your digital strategy.



Elevate your social media engagement with Gatsby.ai, enhancing your online presence and driving meaningful interactions effortlessly.

Google Ads

Reach new customers and grow your business with Google Ads, Google's online advertising program.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and apps.


Optimize customer support for Shopify merchants with Gorgias, a platform designed to centralize interactions and automate responses to repetitive questions.


Enhance influencer collaborations with HypeAuditor, optimizing your strategy by analyzing the market and tracking influencer relations for the best results.


Impact Radius

Elevate marketing performance with Impact Radius, a platform for seamless tracking, management, and optimization of partnerships.

Inventory Planner

Streamline inventory management with Inventory Planner, optimizing forecasting for efficient supply chain operations.


Transform customer engagement with Iterable, a powerful platform for personalized and automated multichannel marketing campaigns.



Amplify eCommerce success with Junip, enhancing customer reviews and feedback management for valuable insights.


Optimize retail operations with KWI, a comprehensive platform streamlining point-of-sale and retail management processes.


Supercharge email marketing with Klaviyo, a leading platform offering advanced automation and segmentation tools for impactful campaigns.


Revolutionize business with Lightspeed, an all-in-one platform combining point-of-sale, eCommerce, and inventory management for success in today's retail landscape.

Loop Returns

Simplify returns and drive customer loyalty with Loop Returns, a platform that streamlines and enhances the returns process for Shopify businesses.


Unleash the potential of your online storefront with Magento, offering customizable and scalable eCommerce solutions tailored to your business.

Microsoft SQL Server

Ensure robust and efficient data management with Microsoft SQL Server, a comprehensive platform for reliable storage and retrieval of information.

Mongo Database

Embrace agility and scalability in data storage with MongoDB, a dynamic NoSQL database platform tailored for modern applications.

MySQL Database

Seamlessly manage your data with MySQL Database, an open-source relational database system renowned for its reliability and performance.



Transform the post-purchase journey with Narvar, enhancing order tracking, communication, and customer engagement for online retailers.


Elevate business operations with Netsuite, a cloud-based platform offering integrated solutions for ERP, CRM, and eCommerce.


Redefine mobile commerce success with Newstore, providing innovative solutions for creating engaging and seamless shopping experiences.



Accelerate eCommerce success with Okendo, specializing in customer reviews and user-generated content to enhance brand trust and engagement.


Optimize your marketing strategy with Ometria, offering personalized insights and automation tools for enhanced customer engagement and retention.

Order Desk

Simplify and automate order processing with Order Desk, consolidating and streamlining the management of eCommerce orders.


Drive your affiliate marketing strategy forward with Pepperjam, offering comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing affiliate partnerships.


Discover inspiration and connect with ideas on Pinterest, a vibrant visual discovery platform fostering creativity and engagement in an immersive environment.

Postgres Database

Harness versatility in data management with Postgres Database, an open-source relational system celebrated for its adaptability and robust capabilities.



Revolutionize SMS marketing with Postscript, a dynamic platform streamlining text communication for eCommerce businesses, enhancing engagement effortlessly.


Empower subscription models with Recharge, a dedicated platform excelling in subscription billing and recurring payments, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.


Delve into advanced data insights with Redshift, a cloud-based data warehouse providing high-performance and scalable analytics for businesses seeking powerful solutions.

Redshift Database

Delve into advanced data insights with Redshift, a cloud-based data warehouse providing high-performance and scalable analytics for businesses seeking powerful solutions.


Transform retail analytics with RetailNext, a comprehensive platform delivering in-store analytics solutions to elevate the overall customer shopping experience.

Retention Science

Elevate customer retention strategies with Retention Science—a platform offering data-driven insights and personalized solutions to foster increased customer loyalty.


Simplify the product return process with Returnly, enhancing customer experience and boosting loyalty.


Rockerbox provides advanced marketing attribution solutions to optimize advertising spend and drive revenue growth.


Deliver personalized marketing experiences with Sailthru's powerful suite of connected capabilities.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers businesses with a comprehensive eCommerce solution for seamless online selling.

Salesforce Service Cloud Database

Streamline customer service operations with Salesforce Service Cloud Database, a robust and scalable database management system.


Import, manage and ship your orders with ShipStation, designed to save you time and money on eCommerce order fulfillment.


Shipwire offers scalable logistics solutions to streamline global order fulfillment for eCommerce retailers.


Shopify empowers entrepreneurs to build and scale their online stores with ease and efficiency.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus provides enterprise-level eCommerce solutions for high-growth businesses with advanced customization and scalability.


Elevate retail advertising with Snapchat's dynamic multimedia messaging.


Optimize warehouse management with Snapfulfil's advanced cloud-based solutions for efficient order fulfillment.


Snowflake revolutionizes data warehousing with a cloud-native platform for instant and scalable analytics.



Elevate your subscription program with Stay.ai, a Shopify app geared towards optimizing LTV and reducing churn.


SurveyMonkey empowers organizations to gather actionable insights through easy-to-use survey and data analysis tools.


Boost brand efficiency and revenue with Thankful's customer service tools.

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Harness TikTok's dynamic advertising platform to captivate retail audiences with engaging short-form video content, driving brand awareness and customer acquisition.


Drive repeat shopper sales and enhance customer loyalty with Yotpo's retention marketing platform.


Zendesk provides customer service and support software designed to improve customer relationships and streamline support operations.

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