Daasity Helps Brands
Increase Revenue

Uncover insights from your data that will increase sales, optimize spending, and cut costs.

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Daasity has helped us fuel our
100% YoY Growth.
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Over 1,600 Brands Trust Daasity with Their Data

Modular Data Platform (MDP)

The Modern Data Stack holds consumer brands back. Daasity is the first and only Modular Data Platform (MDP): the true future-proof, flexible data solution for even the largest brands.

Getting the Right Data
for the Right Team

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Spend Less on Data
In-house data solutions require enormous budgets that balloon over time. Get the same custom and robust functionality with Daasity, at a fraction of the cost.
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Get Up and Running, Fast
Building an in-house data solution? Months or years. Implementing Daasity? Days or weeks.
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Don’t Let Turnover Affect Your Data
When someone on your team leaves, it can throw a wrench in your flow of data. With Daasity, the data never stops, and your team can keep uncovering insights.
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Data Orchestration, Done
Customize your extraction and transformation jobs schedules, or use ours.
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APIs, Maintained
No more headaches around depreciating APIs! Daasity maintains all APIs throughout the year so that your data will never stop flowing in.
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Maximize Your Strengths and Value to the Org
With Daasity’s modularity and flexibility, you have time to do more of what you love—uncovering new insights, slicing and dicing, building new reports, and further supporting other parts of the brand.
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Multichannel Inventory Tracking
Get a complete picture of your eCommerce, Amazon, retail, and wholesale inventory needs.
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The Right Inventory for the Right Warehouse
Analyze your inventory and sales to make better decisions on where your incoming POs should be shipped.
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Track the Metrics That Matter (and More)
Track weeks of supply, SKU inventory by count, and run analyses to better track product launches.
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Tech Stack Changes? No Problem
Did you migrate to a different ESP? Expand into an additional marketing channel, like TikTok? Simply add or remove integrations in the Daasity UI, and the data will start flowing in the next day.
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Pick the Attribution You Prefer
Choose the attribution model that best suits your brand, including first-click, last-click, or vendor-reported.
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Hyper-Targeted Acquisition and Retention
Push your customer data to key marketing channels, such as Facebook, Google, TikTok Ads, Klaviyo, and Attentive.

When We Say All Your Data, We Mean All Your Data

Daasity is the only platform that enables brands to centralize their data across eCommerce, Amazon, retail and wholesale channels. By using our customizable data models, unified schemas, and your own BSD (Brand Supplied Data), you’ll have a single and unified view of the data that powers your business.

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Daasity connects with 50+ tools that consumer brands use in their daily operations. We're always expanding our catalog, and we support new integrations every quarter.