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Dive into Shopify Reporting on:

Sales & Forecasts

Track your Sales Performance to Forecast to understand how you're pacing to target. Are you ahead or behind this month compared to last year?


Determine the best strategy for your subscription program and how to retain customers longer. What products drive the longest subscribers?


Monitor CPA and CAC across marketing channels to truly analyze performance across channels. How are your marketing channels actually performing? Don’t just trust what the vendors tell you.

Customer Support

Find optimizations and efficiencies to make the team more efficient, without sacrificing quality. How can you resolve tickets more effectively?


Discover the patterns building your company’s long- term value. Which channels and products do customers buy that drive LTV? Which customers are most valuable?


Uncover the products/categories that customers return the most. Which SKUs are responsible for the most returns?

Retention & Repurchase

Explore your repeat customers' purchasing habits. What’s their Time Between Orders? What’s their purchase frequency?

Site Funnels

Analyze your site funnels to determine where customers are leaving your shopping experience. Does your desktop or mobile experience need to be optimized?

Product Sales

Identify the products not only driving sales, but also profits and LTV. Are you looking for better cross-sell and bundling opportunities?

Inventory & Fulfillment

Ensure you always have the right amount of product and that it’s delivered on time. What products are you long or short on?

Integrate Your Essential Tech Stack

“Daasity has become one of Gorgias’ top technology partners, not only because of its best-in-class platform & our integration to support mutual merchants but because of how they approach working with other tech vendors.

Their commitment to reciprocity and building value-add relationships is something that continues to stand out with Daasity as we commit to deepening our partnership and maximizing the impact for our shared merchants.”

Chris Lavoie
Tech Partnerships Team Lead

“The team at Daasity has been one of the best partners that we’ve worked with at Attentive. We’ve been able to develop a first class integration that helps drive real value to our mutual merchants, and this is all thanks to their responsiveness and willingness to collaborate. Attentive is proud to be such a strong partner with Daasity and are very excited to see it grow to new heights.”

Greg Bauman
Director of Ecosystem Partnership

“At DataSmith, our clients rely on us to provide strategic and actionable insights to fuel their growth. Daasity provides clean and accurate data aggregated across our clients' data platforms, so that we spend less time wrangling data and more time focused on high value services. Partnering with Daasity has been a game-changer in helping us lead our clients toward their goals.”

Dan Hansfield
Founder of Datasmith

We have a Daasity report (that’s now a dashboard) that combines Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Google, and multi-dimensional data. To do that manually, the answer would either come way too late, like a month later, or it would probably never come.

Corrie McDonald
Dir. of Operations, Reshoevn8r

Before Daasity, we were manually updating 8 Google sheets (for different Amazon locations) on a daily or weekly basis to track inventory and marketing. Now we have easy, automated dashboards that are saving a ton of valuable time so we can focus on running the business.

Sean Agetap
Co-Founder, Vincero

"Daasity’s reporting better provides our team with more actionable data that empowers us to solve customers' problems. The product, inventory, and fulfillment reports has been invaluable for to understand how we are pacing to forecasts and ways we can improve our customer experience."

Jeff Eynon
Vice President, Beach House Group

“The Daasity team are thought leaders in e-commerce and customer analytics, business intelligence, and lean database architecture. They are paving the way for small and medium sized companies to gain immediate analytical insights into business performance. Thanks to Daasity we now have a full view of financial performance, marketing efficiency, product performance and customer behavior."

Ryan Dell
CMO, MVMT Watches

“Daasity helps us analyze and manage a complex omnichannel presence across DTC, Amazon, and internationally. Consolidating and normalizing all channel-specific data allows us to manage the brand and product portfolio holistically, without siloed channel data and has helped fuel our 100%+ YoY growth.”

Jameson Slattery
Managing Director, Kopari

“Tracking three different Shopify stores on Google sheets has become a nightmare. With Daasity, we now have a holistic view of our global stores, and are able to make strategic decisions based on the data – instead of relying on our gut alone.”

Jehan Ratnatunga
Co-founder, Who Gives a Crap

"It was obvious in the pre-sales process that the Daasity team knew how to approach data mapping and had many prebuilt integrations on our Tier 1 systems. Since integrating we’ve been able to see valuable data around product and merchandising that has begun to feed into our strategies and go-to-market plans"

Zack Abbel
VP Ecommerce, Tula Skincare

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