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Powered by eCommerce performance analytics, Daasity enables better decision-making for Shopify brands, leading to faster and more profitable growth.

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Monitor your ROAS and CPO across channels. Don’t rely on what each platform tells you they sold. Tie every dollar spent back to a sale.

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Track your monthly performance compared to last year to ensure you're hitting your growth targets with Daasity's Shopify performance analytics.

Discover the Channels and Segments Driving LTV

Dive past ROAS to find the channels and products driving your business’s long-term success. Discover the products and channel leading your profitable growth.

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Identify your customers that have the potential to be your most valuable, but haven’t returned recently to make another purchase.

Target Top 21-40% of Customers

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Identify who are the top-performing customers based on RFM scores and stream their profile data into your Marketing channels to incentivize your best customers to purchase more frequently.

Target Top 20% of Customers

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Identify returning High-Value Customers (HVCs) who were at risk of churning or lapsed back to your brand. Now that they are reactivated

Reactivating HVCs

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