Carpe® Doesn’t Sweat Data and Analytics with Daasity

How the antiperspirant brand uses Daasity to customize its analytics and make real-time business optimizations

Data Challenges before Daasity

Before working with Daasity, the Carpe team ran data analytics in-house in order to keep on top of company performance and run ad hoc analyses. Despite the team’s strong analytical skills, they were limited by their software: they could not easily query their data and could not easily pull data from key sources, such as Amazon Seller Central. 

“Before we had Daasity and Looker, most of what we did involved pulling all our orders and putting them into Excel. We’re a pretty data-heavy team, and I crashed my computer probably once a day trying to do some kind of analysis with 500,000 orders.” -Curtis Howland, Director of Marketing, Carpe

After trying out several data solutions, the team decided on Daasity for a few main reasons:

  • A high level of customizability, including the ability to write custom queries
  • A strong Amazon integration
  • Ability to query Shopify Plus + Amazon data 

Data Solutions with Daasity

Carpe centralized all its data using Daasity and began building its ideal analytics environment. From the outset, the team has built customized visualizations in Looker and regularly run queries, including on its Shopify Plus + Amazon data. 

For example, every day, the team analyzes how many new customers were acquired from Amazon out of their total orders. 

Additionally, the entire brand relies on Daasity for automated reporting. On a daily, weekly, and/or monthly cadence, each team (marketing, finance, ops, customer service) receives KPI reports based on their data needs.

The Results

“In the first week after we started using Daasity, we found we were getting charged double for shipping by one of our fulfillment providers. We almost immediately saw that in the data through Daasity and Looker, and we were able to respond quickly. It was over $20,000 in excess fees. We reached out to them and got a full refund.” -Sam Hannon, Analytics Manager, Carpe

By using Daasity, Carpe tracks and reacts to real-time changes in data from all parts of the organization, and the analytics team is able to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time.

That productivity means a whole lot more testing and learning, leading to virtuous cycles in workflow and brand performance. 

"We do a lot of tests on site to try to increase certain metrics: subscription percentage, retention KPIs, and more. We use Daasity + Looker to track the performance of all those tests. In an A/B test, we can quickly and concisely decide in which direction to go. That revenue and those learnings compound over time.” -Sam Hannon, Analytics Manager, Carpe

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