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Leverage our advanced analytics to transform your eCommerce data into actionable insights, driving smarter decisions and greater profitability.

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One Platform, Every Team

Empower every team to make smarter decisions in less time with Daasity’s robust, automated analytics.

Harness data insights and key metrics across all channels to fuel your growth objectives.

Customer Acquisition

Identify channels and products that lead to the highest LTV and keep your CAC in line.

Customer Retention

Retain and engage your most valuable customers by leveraging RFM, tracking repurchase rate by channel, and more.

Customer Segmentation

Define customer segments to fine-tune marketing, gain valuable purchase insights, and optimize campaign strategies.

Daasity has been critical to giving us an accurate view into the success of our marketing efforts.
Director of Growth

Make better merchandising decisions with multichannel reports and analytics.

Demand Forecasting

Predict unit and sales demand based on historical sales trends, repurchase rates, and customer segmentation.

Inventory Optimization

Optimize POs and future order forecasts to avoid oversupply or stockouts.

Merchandising Assortment

Increase profitability and implement analytics that assess product performance across channels.

With Daasity, we’re able to see valuable data around product and merchandising that has begun to feed into our strategies and go-to-market plans.
Vice President

Manage and automate the ELTVO process within one powerful platform.

Automate Work

Save dozens of hours on manual data work every month with automated ELT.

Customizable Transformations

Run your own code or a variety of fully customizable pre-built SQL blocks maintained by Daasity.

Data Orchestration

Build custom workflows or leverage Daasity’s out-of-the-box orchestration functionality.

Data Governance

Create clarity across your organization with standardized definitions for revenue and other essential KPIs

I think of Daasity as a really super-smart developer on the backend who works for us. And it’s integrated, organic, and improving all the time.
VP of Analytics

Consolidate all your business data and gain a comprehensive view of financial performance.

Turnover Protection

Maintain uninterrupted access to essential data, reporting, and analytics, regardless of team changes.

Data-Driven Financial Planning

Develop predictive forecasting models and optimize inventory management.

Warehouse Savings

Save money by finding errors as they come up and improving ops processes.

TCO Reduction

Substantially reduce the time and cost to implement a custom data solution.

Operations heavily leverages Daasity. Now, we can ensure parcels are going to the most cost-effective service and hit UPT goals.
VP of Finance and Operations

Integrate with the
eCommerce Tools You Love

Daasity offers 60+ integrations purpose-built for eCommerce. If we don't have the integration you’re looking for, we can build a custom solution to fit your needs.

The Reports You Want,
The Insights You Need

Choose from a range of pre-built reports or customize your own, giving you the ability to splice, dice, and cut your data as many ways as you want to tell your data story.

Right Message, Right Customer
Right Time.

Unify your marketing efforts by integrating sales, subscription, review and other channel data to build targeted audience segments - whether using our ready-made options or crafting custom lists.

Transform How You Work
With Your Data

Say goodbye to platform hopping and spreadsheet nightmares with Daasity. Centralize and optimize your data with our unified, powerful hub, tailored for brands of all sizes.

Robust and Scalable Reporting Solution

Daasity supports multimillion and multibillion-dollar brands: we can be your partner at any scale or any data complexity.

Create a Single Source of Truth

Break down data silos and see the big picture by integrating all your data sources with Daasity.

Organize Your Omnichannel Data

Use our prebuilt rules or create custom ones to analyze all of your data holistically and comprehensively.

Unified Data, Unified Teams

Achieve consensus with standardized dashboards, metrics, and timelines, making data disputes a thing of the past.

Accelerate Data-Driven Decision Making

Identify trends, forecast outcomes, and make informed decisions, driving your brand toward future success.

Excellent Support from The Experts

Our services team is packed with data veterans and ready to support you with your most significant data challenges.

Powering Some of the
Fastest Growing Brands

Don't just take our word for it - the results from our brands speak for themselves.

Daasity has made a massive difference in driving the strategy of our business to ensure that we’re making truly impactful decisions.

Josh Knopman,
VP of Growth & Digital Product

hours saved per month on manual data work
With Daasity, we are able to make strategic decisions based on the data - instead of relying on our gut alone

Jehan Ratnatunga
Co-Founder & VP of Strategy and Digital Product

increase in LTV compared to cohorts
acquired pre-Daasity
Daasity allows us to make adjustments in a more dynamic way as we work to achieve ambitious revenue and efficiency goals.

Josh Knopman,
Director of Growth & Digital Product

increase in Blended ROAS in 2 weeks
Simplify your data. Amplify your success.

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