All-In-One Reporting for Consumer Brands

Tired of siloed data, manual data work, and limited insights?
There is a better way.

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Say Goodbye to Siloed Data

Whether you’re selling on DTC, Amazon, retail, or brick-and-mortar, Daasity integrates data from sales channels, advertising platforms, marketing, and more into one platform for a complete view of your performance.


Get Out of Spreadsheets and Into Better Data

Daasity delivers a comprehensive data solution for merchants, offering fully customized and granular reporting, analytics, and customer targeting. By harnessing first-party data, site analytics, and vendor data, we help identify valuable customer groups that drive improved retention and more profitable growth.

Eliminate Hours of Manual Work
Save dozens of hours each month and reduce your reliance on spreadsheets with automated analytics and continuously updated data.

Customize Your Dashboards
Build your own dashboards around any data point or analysis, ranging from subscriber-only LTV and RFM to sell-thru retail data from your retail partners.

Get Reports Straight to Your Inbox
Access the reports you need as easily as opening an email. Daasity sends key reports directly to your inbox, so you’re always up-to-date.

Daasity accomplished for us in a matter of weeks what usually takes months and tens of thousands of dollars to build.
Izzy Chafkin
VP of Operations & Finance

Your Very Own Data Team

For additional data support, our Services team is ready to jump in and help, problem-solve, and advise.

Maximize Your Daasity Experience
Enhance your data capabilities with the expertise of the team that created Daasity, helping you to build and refine your own data environment.

Get Help with Data Strategy
Drive team alignment around data, get everyone on the same page, and benefit from a professional audit of your current tools and strategies.

Save Money on Hires
Data teams can cost millions each year. Pay for the hours you need and get impactful results at a fraction of the price.

Your Data, Your Way

Scaling with You As You Grow

Daasity supports multimillion and multibillion-dollar brands: we can be your partner at any scale or any data complexity.

For Every Team

Whether it's marketing, merchandising, operations, finance, growth, amazon, or retail, Daasity provides the tools for each team to excel.

Accelerate Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage Daasity’s advanced analytics to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and make informed decisions, driving your brand toward future success.

Unified Data, Unified Teams

Achieve consensus with standardized dashboards, metrics, and timelines, making data disputes a thing of the past.

Useful for Investors

Daasity aids brands in securing funding, offering clear insights into performance with specific “Investor Dashboards.”


Powering Some of the Fastest Growing Brands

Daasity is one of those things I can’t live without.

Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations and Finance


growth over multiple years

$1 per Order Saved

by catching warehouse shipping errors

Daasity has been critical in giving us an accurate view into the success of our marketing efforts.

Josh Knopman, Director of Growth & Digital Product


increase in new SKU pricing


increase in blended SKU

I think of Daasity as a super-smart developer on the backend that works for us.

Lanny Chui, VP of Analytics and Business Intelligence


connected data sources


Daasity’s transform code, accelerating analytics

I think of Daasity as an “Easy Button” to make all your data talk to each other.

Dave Olivia, Senior Manage, eCommerce Growth


increase in LTV in top 4 segments

10+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

When it comes to our data, it’s easier to say what we don’t use Daasity for.

Curtis Howland, Director of Marketing


saved in fulfillment overcharged

50+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

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