Harper Wilde Increases LTV, Builds a Data-Driven Organization with Daasity

How the inclusive intimates innovator leverages Daasity to uncover insights, hit KPIs, allocate resources, and more

Data Challenges before Daasity

Back in 2019, the highly analytical Harper Wilde team was hungry for real-time data.

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough hours in the day for the team to pull it manually, and they were “nowhere near” able to justify the expense of an in-house data team that could build reporting and analytics from scratch.

Enter Daasity.

“The combination of Daasity's ‘off-the-shelf’ functionality with the ability to add customization as we've grown has been game-changing and enabled us to be much more ‘data mature’ at every stage of our growth than other similarly sized companies.” -Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations & Finance, Harper Wilde

Data Solutions with Daasity

Since partnering with Daasity, Harper Wilde has translated a “maniacal” focus on the data, analytics, and reporting that Daasity provides into greater organizational alignment and profitable growth. 

Teams across the organization have actively incorporated Daasity into their reporting and workflows as part of their plan to become the “next market leader in intimates.”

“Daasity enables us to access data that we simply wouldn't be able to pull without the platform. It would be so time-consuming that we'd never ask the team to pull it to begin with. -Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations & Finance, Harper Wilde

Supporting Profitable Growth and Resource Allocation via LTV Insights

Fundamental to Harper Wilde’s growth has been successfully identifying ways to extend lifetime value, which they have done using Daasity’s dedicated visualizations, such as the LTV by First Order SKU explore.

“Daasity has been instrumental in highlighting non-obvious ways to improve LTV. We’ve found that customers buying a certain style have a 20% higher LTV, and customers in a certain size range have a 30% higher LTV. Those kinds of insights have allowed us to focus our product development and merchandising resources accordingly.” -Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations & Finance, Harper Wilde

Hitting Team Goals with Better Bundling

One of Harper Wilde’s company-wide goals has centered around order volume, specifically units per transaction (UPT), as they expand their product catalog and keep more customers comfy in garments beyond bras. 

For instance, a corporate goal was to increase underwear UPT by half a unit, as underwear is a new product class:

“We’ve achieved that UPT goal through bundle sales, merchandising, and through custom work we’ve done with Daasity.” -Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations & Finance, Harper Wilde

Additionally, teams have been able to think with greater nuance about bundling:

They are also able to answer previously unanswerable questions to help guide merchandising decisions. For example:

  • “Are we trading net revenue for greater AOV in bundles? 
  • “Are we discounting unnecessarily?”
  • “Do we have the ability to merchandise some of our bundles for new customers?”

Automated Operations Reporting for Cost Savings

Underpinning Harper Wilde’s growth has been a rock-solid operations team, backed by data at every step of the way:

“Operations heavily leverages Daasity. Before, they were aggregating everything in Excel, and it was much harder to see transit performance issues. We can now ensure that parcels are going to the most cost-effective service and that we’re not getting surprised by shipping costs.” -Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations & Finance, Harper Wilde

This has translated directly into cost savings when something goes awry:

“Recently, something got misweighed at our warehouse, and we saw a spike in shipping costs. In a Daasity report, our team saw something wasn’t right: UPT didn’t change, and the cost went up. They were able to correct this in a few days. Previously, issues like this persisted for many weeks.” -Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations & Finance, Harper Wilde

Aligning the Org with the Same Calendar

An underappreciated set of challenges among organizations that prevent them from being truly data-driven is the inability to align around language and definitions in the business. 

With Daasity, Harper Wilde has been able to address these challenges—including one that, upon first glance, seems simple. 

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