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Daasity helps consumer brands automate their pipelines, streamline data orchestration, and win time back to spend on strategic analytics.

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Say Hello to the Future of Data

With Daasity, you get a complete data solution, not a patchwork of other tools that just… weren’t meant for one another.

Customizable Transformations Modify or augment our transformation code to suit changing definitions, data needs, and internal changes.

Test Warehouse
Test your code safely in a non-production environment with a separate Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery database.

Automatic Notifications
Be notified immediately within the Daasity UI if an error occurs during the ELT process.


What Sets Us Apart

Our strength lies in our all-in-one ELT+ platform. Rather than stitching together unharmonized tools to create a data stack, we offer a streamlined system for consumer brands.

Extractors Built for Consumer Brands
Words about our our extractors are built just for the tools consumer brands use.

Maintained by Us
Never worry about an API change again.

Request Your Own
We don’t have what you need? If we don't support an extractor out-of-the-box, we can build it for you.

Purpose-Built Data Models
Our data models are the result of years of development and refinement, allowing for uniquely powerful analytics built specifically for consumer brands.

Customizable by Design
Our transformations and workflows are fully customizable to fit ever-changing business definitions and data refreshment needs.

Already Built
Save 9-12 months by leveraging our transform code without having to start from scratch.

Out-of-the-Box Power
Our out-of-the-box visualizations help you make sense of your data.

Our data models are built to help you extend your data through custom reports and dashboards built to suit your business needs.

Detailed Analytics
Don’t just settle for basic reporting. Take your data further with granular reporting and analytics.

As a global brand, we require real-time, accurate reporting. Daasity has enabled us to integrate numerous disparate data sources in building a rich reporting suite.
Lanny Chiu
VP of Analytics

Automate Routine Tasks & Double Down on Strategy

A Platform That Grows with You

Daasity works with multimillion and multibillion-dollar brands: we can support you at any scale or any data complexity.

Save Hours On Mundane Tasks

Automate your data pipelines and manage everything in one platform, giving you more time to focus on strategy and meaningful analytics.

Improve Data Governance

Align your team with standard metrics and analytics, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach to your data strategy.

Enterprise Functionality

Daasity makes the most sophisticated analytics possible, meeting the omnichannel data demands of the biggest brands.

Flexible Modular Architecture

Deploy the entire Daasity platform or opt for specific components that align with your brand's requirements, like our data extraction tools and transformation capabilities.


Powering Some of the Fastest Growing Brands

Daasity is one of those things I can’t live without.

Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations and Finance


growth over multiple years

$1 per Order Saved

by catching warehouse shipping errors

Daasity has been critical in giving us an accurate view into the success of our marketing efforts.

Josh Knopman, Director of Growth & Digital Product


increase in new SKU pricing


increase in blended SKU

I think of Daasity as a super-smart developer on the backend that works for us.

Lanny Chui, VP of Analytics and Business Intelligence


connected data sources


Daasity’s transform code, accelerating analytics

I think of Daasity as an “Easy Button” to make all your data talk to each other.

Dave Olivia, Senior Manage, eCommerce Growth


increase in LTV in top 4 segments

10+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

When it comes to our data, it’s easier to say what we don’t use Daasity for.

Curtis Howland, Director of Marketing


saved in fulfillment overcharged

50+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

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