Daasity Audiences: Scalable, Affordable Marketing Personalization


Daasity Audiences: Scalable, Affordable Marketing Personalization 

In eCommerce, competition continues to grow fiercer, and customers have ever-higher expectations of their experiences with brands. Fundamental to overcoming these challenges is creating individual experiences for customers by sending them the right promotions and offers as well as tailoring your messaging to them based on their purchase behavior, preferences, and engagement. 

In short, you must become an expert at marketing personalization.

Stellar customer experiences via personalization are of particular importance, because they lead to higher customer retention rates, and retaining customers is simply a requirement for most eCommerce brands in light of ballooning CPAs on platforms like Facebook after Apple’s iOS 14 update. CPAs have doubled or even tripled, and in some cases, Facebook has become too expensive to justify for some merchants. 

To improve your brand’s personalization and power you past the competition, the holy grail is to send the right message (or promotion) to the right customer at the right time. To grab the grail, precise customer segmentation based on your customer data is of the essence. This is why we launched Daasity Audiences, the ultimate marketing personalization tool for eCommerce. 

With Daasity Audiences, you can automatically push daily-updated customer data (such as RFM Scores, AOV, LTV, Customer Service, preferences, and engagement metrics) into a number of different Marketing platforms, such as Klaviyo, Attentive, and Facebook. As a result, you can update customer profiles with more data, build segments, and trigger events.

Putting your data to work with Daasity Audiences

Your business will have trouble reaching its full potential (or even surviving) if you don’t effectively leverage your customer data to retain customers. It will be more vulnerable to high CPAs due to a higher reliance on acquisition, increased competition, and generally standing out from competitors in the space.

Using first-party data (the data you collect through transactional interactions) and zero-party data (data you collect directly from customers, such as through a survey) versus third-party data from other platforms puts you in control and not at the mercy of marketing vendors and platforms that may be constrained by additional privacy limitations in the future. 

Daasity Audiences provides a key link between all a business’ marketing and eCommerce platforms, tools, and databases to combine customer data, segment it, and make it actionable.

In other words, put it to work... And put it to work in ways where you’ll see the biggest impact. 

Audiences enables marketing personalization, including custom site experiences and automated and personalized marketing communications. One of the most impactful features of Audiences is that it helps merchants create omnichannel customer experiences by syncing the same customer segment data across all marketing tools to deliver personalized messages across channels. 

If you’re not personalizing your communications and experiences—i.e., you’re presenting the same messages and offers to all your customers—it’s time to start. 

Don’t worry, we get why you might not be doing personalized marketing yet. Perhaps customer acquisition has been a priority, or you didn’t feel you had enough or the right data in your marketing platforms to personalize experiences in an effective way. 

Now, with Daasity Audiences, you can easily combine all your customer data to segment customers and market to them in personalized ways that will make a difference to your bottom line. How much difference? A McKinsey survey found that personalized product recommendations and triggered communications can increase revenue 5- 15%, but we’ve seen some other extraordinary results, such as one brand that increased their repurchase rate by 300%. 

How Daasity Audiences works

Daasity Audiences enables merchants to do the following:

  • Pull in customer data from any source
  • Create rich insights at the customer level with analytics
  • Build advanced customer segmentation
  • Push segments out to marketing and eCommerce platforms, including email, SMS, and Facebook
  • Use the segments to create personalized communications and experiences 

Beyond basic customer segmentation such as “purchased in the last month,” Daasity Audiences allows for more sophisticated segmentation based on complex calculations, such as customer lifetime value (LTV), or by customers purchasing across multiple sales channels. (But we don’t make it harder—we do all the calculating for you!)

Why is this important? 

Daasity Audiences makes marketing personalization even more targeted and effective for higher conversions and increased ROI. For example, although your ESP may tell you which customers haven’t clicked through from an email in three months—somewhat useful information—you can use Daasity Audiences to overlay that segment with the customers who have high LTV and have purchased in the last six months to target customers who may be most likely to buy again now. 

Data Automation

Automation is a key feature of Audiences, which allows for easy scalability. You can choose to update your segmented customer lists with data from your database daily, weekly, or monthly and send that data to your marketing platforms to make sure your communications are always on point. 

This data can be used to create new customer experiences and trigger new communication automations and campaigns. 

For example, if a customer reaches a higher value segment after purchasing, they will be automatically added to an HVC (aka higher RFM Score) segment. On the flip side, if a customer has not purchased in a preset amount of time, they will be automatically added to a Churning HVC segment. 

If you have email/SMS flows and journeys built for customers who increase/decrease in value, they will automatically receive the messaging as soon as their behavior changes. 

How to get started with Daasity Audiences

Using Daasity Audiences is simple. Here’s how we recommend getting started: 

Step 1. Determine which customer segments you want to target. Daasity’s pre-built segments are a great place to start. Key customer segments we offer include:

Step 2. Use Daasity Audiences to push the segmented list into your marketing and eCommerce tools and platforms, such as Klaviyo, Attentive, and Shopify. 

Step 3. Develop different personalized marketing strategies for your target segments, including messaging, offers, product promotions, and more to see what is most effective at increasing conversions.

For example, try an A/B split test to a specific segment to test messaging, discounts, or products at different price points. This might look like sending an email with the discount to half of the group and an email without the discount to the other half. Or it might entail sending a personalized email to the target segment and comparing it to the performance of the same email to the full customer list.  

Are you a Daasity client but don’t see Audiences in your dashboard? For more information about adding Daasity Audiences to your Daasity account, click here.

Hone in on your HVCs first

If customer segmentation and marketing personalization is new to you, a great place to start—and where you’ll most likely impact revenue—is by focusing on your HVCs (your customers who have an outsized impact on your brand’s revenue). 

More specifically, focus on creating a “Welcoming new HVCs” flow as well as HVCs who are in danger of churning (when a customer may churn or lapse depends on your customers’ typical ordering cadence determined by their typical time between orders)

Why focus on HVCs? On average, HVCs, who are typically 15-20% of the customer base, generate about 50-80% of a business’s revenue. This means your top customers spend more and/or buy significantly more often than your average customer. They also are more likely to recommend your business to others.

You really want them to stick around and personalize your messaging to them as much as possible. 

Audiences makes it easy to identify churning HVCs, push segmented lists to your marketing platforms, and test some marketing strategies, such as: 

  • Creating re-engagement campaigns in email and ads platforms to motivate customers to buy again to prevent churn
  • Push these customers to your Marketing channels like Facebook and create Lookalike audiences off of them to acquire new customers that have a high 
  • Developing a campaign to motivate HVCs to leave product reviews

Bonus: Is Daasity Audiences a Customer Data Platform or “Reverse ELT”? 

If you’re familiar with customer data platforms (CDPs), you may be wondering if Daasity Audiences is the same thing, as we are pushing customer data to other places. 

In short, yes and no. 

Daasity is the only platform to combine a full eCommerce analytics offering with the deep customer segmentation and data outflow functionality that customer data platforms offer.

A customer data platform is a tool that collects and aggregates customer data to build detailed customer databases containing profiles for individual customers. Customer data platforms also help marketers create customer segments and push those segments to marketing platforms. However, customer data platforms often are extremely costly ($100k/yr) and time-consuming (3-12 months) to implement.

A key benefit of Daasity Audiences is that to learn as much as you can about your customers and provide them with the best experiences possible, you need more than a database of customer data and basic customer segments. 

You need a way to analyze that data to identify the right combination of customer data  to create segments, and you need a way to analyze what channels and campaigns are working and what are not. 

Finally, a quick note about reverse ELT (extract, load, transform) tools. While Daasity Audiences does pull data from your database and transform it, Audiences is far more user-friendly for marketing teams to use than a reverse ELT tool, which requires you to manually manage your data warehouse or the code to send data to your marketing platforms. No developer or SQL coding skills needed here.

Marketing personalization for all

eCommerce merchants understand the value of data. The challenge is having that data in one place and leveraging it to its fullest extent.

Marketers need tools to simplify the process of collecting all their zero- and first-,, analyzing it for insights, and then powering marketing and eCommerce platforms with that data to create personalized experiences and communications across channels. Daasity Audiences makes it possible for merchants of any size to harness their data and scale up marketing personalization in a cost-effective and automated way. 

To talk to an analytics expert and learn more, contact us or watch a Daasity Audiences demo.

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