Time Between Orders: The Marketing Personalization Metric


Time Between Orders

Time between orders is a metric that shows the duration between a customer's orders, and in effect, how long it will likely take customers to place their next order.

Time between orders can be used to create powerful, personalized, and valuable marketing automations. Let's check out a use case.

Leveraging Time Between Orders in Marketing

Time between orders is a wildly underutilized and wildly powerful metric to use in your marketing. Specifically, it can be used to send ultra-personalized messaging to customers based on their purchase behavior...

And to take it to the next level, it can be used to automate personalization!

For example, one of our customers uses Daasity's time between orders calculation to automate marketing offers to customers:

graphic showing daasity client ECD's strategy: customers purchase from ECD after receiving replenishment emails, daasity ingests ECD's order data and calculates each customer's Time Between Orders and projected replenishment date, ECD updates individual customer profiles in Klaviyo using time between orders and projected order date, and ECD sends customers replenishment emails/texts based on their previous 120-day buying behavior.

By leveraging Daasity Audiences (a tool that allows brands to push any data point to their marketing platforms, such as Klaviyo, Attentive, and Facebook), ECD built successful, sophisticated subscription-like email flows based on time between orders data in Klaviyo.

The flows in Klaviyo send all ECD's customers reminders about when to purchase again, based on their previous purchase behavior (i.e., their individual time between orders). Daasity dynamically updates every customer's Klaviyo profile based on their purchase behavior, so the automation always has the latest customer data.

The result? A 1-to-1 personalized marketing automation.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. We've made perfecting eCommerce Analytics our business so that you can focus on yours.

If you'd like to see more about how Daasity works, check out our on-demand demo.

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