eCig Distributors Leverages Daasity + Klaviyo for Personalized Email Automations

Using Daasity Audiences, ECD supercharges emails with purchase intent data for high-performing automations and campaigns.

Step aside, mass email campaigns. Enter: personalized email automations.

Although mass marketing campaigns around seasons, holidays, and special offers are fundamental to most eCommerce email strategies, ECD has developed a different approach: an email strategy fundamentally based on personalized automation.

By combining Daasity’s analytics powers with Klaviyo’s deep email flow logic and segmentation functionality, ECD turned a traditional post-purchase email automation into a sophisticated subscription-like replenishment flow. But how?

The details: supercharging Klaviyo like ECD

ECD uses Daasity’s Audiences feature to pass customers’ data into Klaviyo—specifically, Time Between Orders data. The data updates each customer’s Klaviyo profile, so ECD can track the interval between a customer's orders. 

ECD projects when a customer is going to make their next purchase based on the customer’s purchasing behavior over the past 120 days. 

Taking this Time Between Orders data a step further, ECD’s email marketing agency, Alchemy Worx, created four segments to power dynamic campaigns in Klaviyo that send the right promos to the right customers at the right time. 

Customers receive precisely-timed post-purchase replenishment flows to motivate them to buy again. All ECD customers are entered into similar post-purchase flows and receive similar replenishment-style messaging, but each customer receives emails timed specifically around their individual purchase behavior. 

Depending on where they are in their buying cycle (ahead of schedule, on schedule, or at risk of churning), the content and promotions they receive will vary. For example, if they are in their normal buying cadence, they will receive standard marketing campaigns. However, if they are at risk of churning, they will receive additional promotions in addition to standard campaigns to prevent churn. 

Because Daasity is automatically passing updated purchasing data (Time Between Orders) daily into Klaviyo, the team never has to worry about updating the segments or re-running their numbers.

Small investment, big returns: future-proof emails that increase repurchase rate, LTV, and profitability

The beauty of how ECD uses Daasity + Klaviyo is three-fold. 

First, because ECD gets the habitual purchasing and more predictable revenue of a subscription business, it can count on a high repurchase rate, ever-increasing customer LTV, and high profitability, all of which creates a virtuous cycle. A higher LTV and longer customer relationships mean it can invest more in customer acquisition. Additionally, it can invest even more in customer retention with further optimized and personalized emails, and other strategies, like a loyalty program. 

Second, email is a highly affordable retention channel. A sound email strategy still brings brands a high ROI. This is great for brands that send hundreds to millions of emails per year around big campaigns, but it’s even better when your email strategy is precise, and those emails lead to predictable revenue. 

Third, ECD’s use of email is future-proofing against increases in customer privacy. Because so many of the emails that ECD sends are based on first-party data like customer actions (purchase cadence, but also actions like cart or checkout abandonment), it will retain the ability to maintain a strong email presence and not worry as much about typical email metrics like campaign opens.

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