Creative Solutions’ Trio of Brands Enjoy a Full Data Picture with Daasity

How the film & video products manufacturer saves time on reporting and builds a single source of truth around its data

Data Challenges before Daasity

For years, Creative Solutions successfully managed the data of their brands, Wooden Camera, Teradek, and SmallHD using Google Analytics. However, as their brands expanded internationally, as data grew more complex, and as the team required more sophisticated analytics, the team turned to Daasity to help.

Daasity Solutions with Daasity

Creative Solutions connected 15 data sources to Daasity, including three Shopify Plus instances and Amazon Seller Central. Once the team had all their data in a central location and started leveraging reports and dashboards, they were able to develop a routine around data tracking and speak the same language around data:

Further, the Creative Solutions team has leveraged Daasity Support to build some custom dashboards with visualizations and analyses made possible by Daasity’s unified data models

For instance, the team uses:

  • An average order volume dashboard: Includes reports and visualizations on average order volume in six regions—U.S., E.U, U.K, Australia, Canada, and Japan.
  • A run rate dashboard: Includes reports showing units sold by SKU on a daily, 30-day, and 90-day basis for each of Creative Solutions’ brands
  • A product launch dashboard: Includes reports and visualizations showing net sales of a particular set of SKUs for each brand.

The Results

As a result of having all its data centralized and automated in Daasity, Creative Solutions is able to save time reporting on organizing their digital data and build a more data-driven culture. 

Amazon data, for example, is notoriously time-consuming and frustrating to report on by using spreadsheets alone: 

On the cultural side, the team has been leveraging Daasity to present to and communicate with other teams more effectively:

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