Berkey Filters Flows Past BFCM Revenue Goals with Daasity

How Daasity helped the renowned filtration brand optimize merchandising for BFCM wins


  • Used Daasity to optimize merchandising and exceed BFCM revenue goals 
  • Saves 20–30 hrs/week of data management 

Data Challenges before Daasity

Before working with Daasity, Berkey Filters struggled with a manual data process: team members would pull data from the tech stack every day, build spreadsheets, and create reports on their own. 

This workflow, however, was unsustainable. Although the team searched for data solutions, they were unable to find and implement what they needed.

Data Solutions with Daasity

Berkey Filters integrated nine data sources into Daasity and leveraged Daasity’s Premium Support for more custom dashboarding to meet teams’ needs.

Now, multiple teams use Daasity dashboards and reports that automatically display business-critical information on a daily basis. This became particularly game-changing during the holidays.

The Results

During the holiday rush, Berkey Filters leveraged data from the Daasity platform that directly improved their success, enabling them to exceed their revenue goals:

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