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Personalized Marketing with Better Data

Enrich your existing Marketing channels with better data from tools you already use.

Enriched Profile data

Push customer data from any tool integrated with your Daasity account, or your own data warehouse, to supercharge your favorite Marketing tools.

New Automations & Segments

Create net new customer experiences based on the data other tools are already collecting. Update profiles and events to trigger completely new automations and campaigns.

Coordinated Data

Sync the same customer and segment data across your existing Marketing tools to deliver personalized messages across channels.

"Daasity Audiences has enabled us to be smarter about how we think about our best customers. We personalize our email campaigns based on this Audiences data: there are different calls to action, different promotions, different cadences, and a different tone that we take in the copy of the emails to this audience."

 Mike Demson
Sr. Marketing Manager: Retention, DripDrop ORS

Easily Sync Your Data

Leverage the full power of Daasity’s data warehouse, to easily push data to your Marketing tools.

Pre-Built Segments

Leverage Daasity’s pre-built segments to auto-update optimized segments in your Marketing channels.

Data from Reports

Turn insights into dynamic marketing experiences by syncing report data from your Daasity Dashboards to your Marketing channels.

Custom SQL

Write your own SQL to directly hit your Daasity data warehouse, or your own, to sync the custom data you want to your Marketing channels.

“Our strategy is to deliver more personalized experience to customers ands subscribers. Daasity allows us to pass historical customer purchase data, so we can send targeted messages at precise and high-intent purchase times.”

Michael A. Carey
CMO, eCig Distributors

Enriching the Most Powerful Tools

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