Prevent Churning HVCs


This playbook helps you identify and sync your Churning HVCs using your marketing platforms, so you can easily send them messages and win them back as customers.


You’ve spent time, effort, and resources to build strong relationships with your high-value-customers (HVCs). Don’t lose your most valuable customers because you can’t specifically target them based on their purchasing habits. When an HVC hasn't purchased from your store in a while, they’re at risk of lapsing and never returning to buy from your store again. 

This is a profit killer for most brands since these high-value, frequently-returning customers are the most profitable, loyal customers, and they generate a high portion of profits. Motivating these customers to buy again before their lapse point (~1 year for most eCommerce brands) is the difference between losing and retaining customers that will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

How to Sync These Customers to Your Marketing Channels:

Part 1: Creating an Audiences Target 

In the Daasity app, click New Target.

  1. Click Klaviyo or Attentive Events.
  2. Under General, rename this as Churning HVCs (or something related that is easy to keep track of).
  3. Check “Only update existing profiles.”
  4. Under Authorize Daasity, add your Private API Key or Log in to your account.
  5. Under Audiences Source, make sure that the chosen source is Daasity Customer Segments. Then, choose the New Churning High-Value Customers (HVC) report.
Creating a Daasity - Klaviyo Audience Sync
Creating a Daasity - Attentive Audience Sync

  1. Under Data Mapping, sync the appropriate channel for each source:
  2. For Klaviyo, type in (or select) $email for the field
  3. For Attentive, type in (or select) $phone for the field
  4. Next to CUSTOMER_SEGMENT, type in daasity_segment_churning_hvc
  5. Under Schedule, select the frequency you want Daasity to update customer profiles (we recommend Daily).

Part 2: Setting up Audiences in Your Marketing Channels

  1. To verify that the data is passed in Klaviyo, check the Custom Properties section of Customer Profile section to see daasity_segment_churning_hvcs (bottom-right corner).
If you’d like to verify the data is passed check the Events Thread section (Under All Metrics) in your Customer Profile to see Churning HVCs .

Step 2: Create an Automation in your Marketing channels called Churning HVCs

  1. In Klaviyo:
  2. Select Metric as a trigger
  3. “Properties About Someone”
  4. Select ‘equals’ daasity_segment_churning_hvcs.
  5. Pro-Tip: add a filter that removes the customer if they make a purchase or enter the Lapsed HVC Segment during the flow. This way, you will target only the Churning HVCs in your flow. If a customer purchases, they will be placed into the Returning HVC segment and flow, and if they don’t purchase, they will be entered into the Lapsed HVC segment and flow.

  1. In Attentive:
  2. Create a new Journey and select Custom Journey.
  3. Select Churning HVC as the journey trigger and select Send a Message about something else. Note: This message doesn’t qualify as transactional and will not need to be approved.
Create a Dynamic Journey in Attentive based on the Custom Activity

Part 3: Building your email flow to win these customers back. 

  1. The key is to target these customers with incentives to motivate them to buy before they hit the lapse date. Other successful tactics are to engage customers through Feedback surveys and promoting additional products in the catalog. In email, this is typically a 3-5 step flow. Coordinate 1-2 messages in SMS that work well with the emails you send.
  2. If you have limited bandwidth, build at least one message in each channel offering an incentive for customers to make a purchase.
  3. If you are strapped for resources, build at least one email cadence to message these customers before they lapse.
  4. Pro-Tip: Add a discount ladder to the tail end of your flow as customers approach your lapsed point to retain as many customers as you can, even at a discount.
Example Winback flow in Klaviyo.

Example Winback Journey in Attentive

Step 4 (Optional): Creating a Segment called New HVCs

  1. In Klaviyo:
  • Select the Trigger option and set the filter to “Properties About Someone” 
  • Select ‘equals’ daasity_segment_new_hvcs
  • Create a filter that removes customers in your Churning and Lapsed HVC segment, by filter based on whether Someone Has (or not) Done Lapsed HVC never in the last 360 Days. 

Pro Tip: Always add filters for suppressed emails in your segments.

  1. In Attentive:
  • Create a new Dynamic segment
  • Select the Trigger option A subscriber’s activity
  • Select "equals" Churning HVCs
Building a Dynamic Segment in Attentive based on the Customer Activity

The Final Huddle:

  • Every time a HVC enters the Churning HVC segment, they are automatically added to the flow and segment.
  • The flow will be triggered, motivating the customer to buy again.
  • There’s always an up-to-date segment identifying which HVCs are about to churn to target in Campaigns, too.

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