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Brands looking for another set of analytical hands can hire the team of experts at the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency. Our agency’s mission is to help create an ideal data and analytics environment for every retailer.

Our team has years of experience implementing future-proof data stacks, custom analytics development, building dashboards, solving data challenges with end-to-end-solutions, and more.

BigCommerce and Daasity
Daasity powers the data and analytics of leading consumer brands
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The Daasity Agency has been a fantastic partner for us as we continue to expand our marketing and retail channels, becoming an omnichannel brand.”
Calvin Lammers, VP of Digital & Media

What We Offer

Daasity, the only ELT+ platform for retail brands, offers unparalleled capabilities to unlock the true power of data. By partnering with the Agency, merchants can harness the full potential of their data, driving growth and success in the fast-paced commerce landscape. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in achieving your goals through:

Data Strategy and Analysis

The Agency will partner with you and craft a strategy that supports key long-term initiatives while also delivering immediate value. This ranges from broader needs, such as building a reporting strategy, to specific ones, such as assistance with BFCM regional inventory forecasting.


The Agency will help implement our future-proof ELT that aligns with your current corporate goals and enables plug-and-play integration changes. We can also build custom integrations, develop custom SQL transformations to fit company needs, optimize data orchestration, and more.

Modeling and Visualization

The Agency can create a host of solutions to drive your brand forward through models and visualizations built specifically around your needs. Whether it’s an automated set of quarterly reports for your C-suite, a dashboard with AOV visualizations, or a custom analysis that tracks the sales velocity of a product launch, the Agency can help.


Benefits of Working With Us

By partnering with our Agency team, you gain an invaluable extension of your business dedicated to empowering your data-driven success. With our team’s extensive experience in both data and retail, we enable you to unlock valuable insights and drive business growth effectively.


Leverage our team’s years of data and retail experience.

Cost Savings

Cut costs of maintaining an in-house team or hiring an external agency.

Time Efficiency

Streamline decision-making and accelerate business decisions with time saved.

Enhanced Performance

Unlock immediate business results with our team’s expertise in data-driven decision making.

Seamless Integrations

Staff turnover? Tech migration? With us, changes downstream won’t impact upstream analysis.


What You’ll Get

Our dedicated team is fully committed to your success and is here to assist you in achieving optimal data outcomes. Whether it's through continuing education, platform updates, data monitoring, or other means, we are focused on helping you get greater value from your data and growing your business. The extent of the benefits you receive will be determined by the selection of a managed service and/or retainer offering, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Dedicated Merchant Strategist

A Daasity expert and your main point of contact to lead your Agency Team. Someone to be your advocate and ensure the platform is being properly maintained.

Data Monitoring & Support

Every day, your Agency Team will ensure that your data refreshes as expected. If there is an error, we will notify you about what data hasn’t been refreshed, as well as when a resolution can be expected. If there is a platform issue, we will escalate to the relevant engineering teams.

Hands-Off Platform Updates

Your Agency Team will add new functionality to your account as it is released. For instance, they will activate new features, such as updated marketing attribution, annual retail calendar updates, and more.

Continuing Daasity Education

Your Agency Team will be available for ongoing training on how to best leverage the Daasity platform.


Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

Enhance your workflow by seamlessly integrating with the tools you use, creating a more streamlined and efficient experience.

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