Daasity and Snowflake are Official Partners!


Daasity is thrilled to announce our official partnership with Snowflake: Daasity’s ELT+ for Commerce product is an official Powered by Snowflake solution, and it is the only ELT and analytics solution purpose-built for retailers. 

While other ELT tools are industry agnostic or industry agnostic for part of a business (e.g., only extracting and loading marketing data), Daasity’s entire ELT was built for omnichannel retailers, by engineers from omnichannel retailers.

About ELT+ for Commerce

ELT+ for Commerce is modular, marking a major innovation in data and analytics solutions for retailers. In short, brands can leverage all or some of the product’s functionality: Extract & Load, Transform, visualization, reverse ETL, and data orchestration. 

This modularity:

  • Addresses brands’ varied data architecture and analytics needs. Some brands may leverage all of Daasity’s functionality, and others may use us, for example, as an EL solution for key data sources, such as Amazon Seller Central. 
  • Reduces analytics stack implementation timeline from months or years to days or weeks.
  • Naturally scales to support even those brands doing billions in revenue every year. 

ELT+ & Snowflake

The perfect data warehousing partner for ELT+ for Commerce, naturally, is Snowflake. 

Snowflake has consistently been the warehouse of choice among retail brands: this is why all Daasity merchants without a warehouse solution in place are provisioned a Snowflake account upon signing with Daasity.

Snowflake merchants will now be able to install Daasity directly from the Powered by Marketplace and rapidly provision their data warehouse. Out-of-the-box reports will be available as soon as 24-48 hours post installation.

Data experts get greater insights on how their Amazon customers compare to their .com customers, for example, and can begin monitoring the data in near real-time. Or, they can monitor subscription customer data to understand its growth or loss as a brand investment.

But use cases and benefits extend across all teams at a brand:

  • Merchandisers can get more accurate data on what product is selling and where, which can help product launches or monitor performance during the holidays. Or, they can understand what secondary and tertiary products are most commonly purchased with each of their products.
  • CFOs can forecast more accurately, thereby informing teams of how much product they should be ordering (or not ordering).
  • Marketing teams can deploy attribution reporting, gleaning channel insights across paid media, influencer campaigns, email and SMS marketing spends, and even custom-defined sources.

To learn more about Daasity x Snowflake and see the new dream team in action, please reach out to our data experts.

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