How Daasity Is Leading the Way in Omnichannel Data Orchestration


Daasity was built to solve the many data architecture and analytics challenges facing enterprise consumer brands today. 

Solving Data Orchestration Challenges with Daasity

Daasity was founded by data analysts and data engineers from enterprise consumer brands who experienced the challenges that arise when using data solutions from ELT providers.

  • Extractors were not pulling all the data they wanted, and they were missing major data sources, like Amazon Seller Central.
  • Data models had to be built from scratch.
  • Daily refreshes often failed because no data orchestration tools could provide seamless event-driven orchestration.
  • Daily maintenance was required to ensure baseline function.

Sound familiar?

Daasity: The ELT and Analytics Platform Purpose-Built for Omnichannel Consumer Brands

Daasity is the only data and analytics platform purpose-built for omnichannel consumer brands.

However, unlike agnostic solutions that struggle to meet the demands of omnichannel brands due to lack of tech specificity, Daasity was built to serve modern businesses selling through eCommerce, digital marketplaces, retail, and wholesale. 

Daasity is a true all-in-one solution encompassing modular ELT, connections to visualization tools, pre-built and customizable analytics dashboards, automated reporting, and reverse ETL functionality.

Daasity’s Data Orchestration Functionality

Scheduling vs. Event-Driven Transformation

Old Way: Scheduling data workflows to run at specific times based on expected extraction time windows, resulting in failure and troubleshooting when part of the ELT runs late.

Daasity: Leveraging event-driven orchestration where data workflows can be initiated and updated in real-time based on changes in the data or the systems. This results in automated and hands-off data pipeline performance.

Running Your Data Orchestration in Daasity

Daasity makes it simple to set up new data workflows. Simply open the “Workflows” tab of the dashboard and click on “Add Workflow.”

In the next step, you can choose your integrations and choose transformation options, such as whether you want to refresh your currency and channel mapping:

You can fully customize your workflows before putting them into production. 

Once your workflows are running, you can monitor their high-level progress within the Daasity UI:

And, you can drill down into individual workflows to get a granular understanding of extract, load, and transformation times:

Other Daasity Functionality That Devs Love

Daasity can extract data from all platforms an omnichannel brand is likely to need, including:

  • All major eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, and BigCommerce
  • Digital marketplaces, such as Amazon
  • Retail/POS platforms, such as Lightspeed and KWI
  • Wholesale platforms, such as Amazon Vendor Central and Ulta
  • Marketing tools like ESPs, 3PLs, ERPs, marketing platforms, loyalty platforms, and more

From a load standpoint, Daasity supports Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

Easily Swap Out Tools

Wherever your data is coming from, Daasity ingests and normalizes it in your warehouse, even if you need to change tools.

Daasity has built unified data models that normalize orders, marketing, notifications (i.e., email/SMS), traffic, and wholesale data, regardless of the source system. 

These schemas enable you to establish a single source of truth, but they also make it easy to make changes to your tech stack. For instance, if your marketing team wants to change its ESP from Klaviyo to Sailthru, rather than needing to rewrite upstream and downstream code, you simply delete Klaviyo as an integration and add Sailthru. 

The result? Exactly the same metrics, data, and reporting, as if there had never been a tool switch in the first place.

Set Up a Test Warehouse

With Daasity, you can easily create a test warehouse, enabling you to safely debug and test code before updating the production environment.

If you’re using Snowflake as your data warehouse, you can set up a warehouse in one click:

Getting Started With Daasity

If you’re thinking, “That sounds great, but how long will it take me?” That’s a fair question, but we have a good answer.

Daasity was designed to be implemented in weeks, not months or years—regardless of how many integrations you have, how much data you have, and how complicated your overall data situation is.

Interested in Daasity’s Unique Approach to Data Orchestration?

If you’re looking for a single, infinitely scalable ELT & Analytics platform that handles any data needs, get in touch with us today. Our experienced data engineers will be happy to advise you.

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