eos Finds True Beauty in Simplified Reporting

How the popular beauty and skincare brand avoids stock outs during explosive growth

High-level Data

  • Tracks Gross Margin and Unit Sales across 200-plus SKUs
  • Tens of Thousands ($) Saved in Reshipment Costs

Reporting: A balm for data troubles

eos has an enviable challenge: explosive growth. However, being a booming brand presents other challenges. In eos’ case, booming sales means more complex inventory management across channels. 

The beauty of a single source of truth

eos needed a standardized, easily accessible source of truth to help the Marketing, eCommerce, Merchandising, and Planning teams connect to the business, get up to speed, and track performance. 

Before using Daasity, no one had the time to look at and analyze data–they were too busy gathering it. 

With Daasity, however, eos has saved hours every week and built a simple email update that’s sent to the team every week, so they can easily check on inventory levels. 

The beauty of reliable reporting

The simple automated processes allow everyone in the company to see the same report every Monday morning and use it to true-up inventory as well as plan and shape the business.  

Additionally, simplifying the automated reporting has enabled the entire team to become more data-driven, share key information, and dig deeper into the data each week. For example, a report is emailed to the leadership team every week that highlights topline sales, comparing the prior week’s performance to plan as well as to last year’s performance. 

No more asking someone on the Marketing/Ops team to pull data and update spreadsheets!

Consistent reporting also was the balm that helped the Marketing/eCommerce and Operations partner more closely to soothe stockout and inventory issues.

This enables eos’ Operations team to maintain the right inventory levels and avoid additional reshipment costs, while giving the Marketing/eCommerce team a pulse on what inventory is and isn’t moving to inform promotion strategy.

The beauty of improved forecasting

Additionally, Daasity also enables eos to improve its inventory forecasting. The eCommerce team partners with the sales planning team for monthly check-ins to true up forecasts based on recent sales trends they can see in their data visualizations. 

Having this more accurate picture informs future forecasts, enabling eos to be smarter about anticipating how much product will sell during upcoming busy seasons, and reduce the costs of additional product transfers to their retail warehouses and DTC fulfillment centers. 

Getting the ball rolling with multi-channel data

DTC is a fast growing business out of eos’s greater omnichannel strategy. To manage its multi-channel business, Daasity enables eos to better track and maintain the right amount of inventory in every channel to avoid stockouts.

Furthermore, eos better understands its customers by channel, based on purchase data. The data helps eos develop marketing strategies to encourage cross-category purchasing: for example, promoting new body products to lip balm purchasers based on what products they purchased in what channel. 

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