What is Repurchase Rate?


What is Repurchase Rate?

Repurchase rate (also called repeat purchase rate) is the percentage of customers who have purchased more than once in a time period. It is often analyzed on a segment basis. Repurchase rate is a vital eCommerce metric that every brand needs to track in order to measure the success of its marketing and retention.

How to calculate repurchase rate

To calculate repurchase rate, divide the number of customers who have purchased more than once by the total number of customers over the same time period.

Remember that when calculating a metric, you must use data from a single time period (whether that's 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, or a year) in all parts of the calculation. Otherwise, the metric will be inaccurate.

Visualizing repurchase rate for eCommerce Brands

Tracking repurchase rate (and other eCommerce metrics, like customer lifetime value and cost per acquisition) can be challenging, particularly without an eCommerce analytics and/or BI tool. Daasity centralizes all a brand's data in customizable, easy-to-read and analyze dashboards. Here is a look at two visualizations from the Daasity platform:

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