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Okendo and Daasity: Transforming Customer Review Analytics


The power of customer reviews is undeniable. With 95% of customers reading reviews before making a purchase, reviews are a highly influential part of the customer journey. However, extracting and leveraging the full potential of review data has remained a challenge—until now. We at Daasity have teamed up with Okendo to help brands get the most out of this critical feedback channel.

Okendo + Daasity = Better Review Data

We are very excited to announce the new partnership between Okendo’s Review product and Daasity, the data and analytics platform for consumer brands. This collaboration signifies an exciting step forward in how brands can leverage customer reviews for enhanced data-driven decision-making.

Okendo is a unified customer marketing platform for Reviews, Referrals, Loyalty, Quizzes and Surveys. They make it easy to cultivate advocacy, scale word-of-mouth and maximize lifetime value. 9,000+ Shopify brands use Okendo to mobilize their customers for faster and more efficient growth, including SKIMS, Liquid Death, and Oh Polly.

Okendo has set a new standard in gathering and showcasing high-impact social proof. Their technology enables brands to collect detailed product reviews, including photos and videos, seamlessly integrate them into their websites, and use them to engage with customers. This enhances the overall shopping experience.

Daasity is the first and only data and analytics platform designed specifically for consumer product brands. By providing a single source of truth, Daasity transforms data chaos into clarity for brands of all sizes, from startups to billion-dollar enterprises. 

With 60+ integrations across key eCommerce and retail tools like Amazon Seller Central, Daasity enables brands to pull their multichannel data into one powerful hub. This eliminates the need for juggling multiple platforms and getting lost in spreadsheets, paving the way for more powerful analytics and reporting. 

What's New? Advanced Analytics for Okendo Reviews

Daasity has created a new dashboard tailored to the needs of Okendo users. It offers in-depth analysis of customer reviews, enabling brands to gain new insights. 

The dashboard includes many macro-level KPIs such as:

  • Review count
  • Rating distribution
  • Average rating
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Recommendation rate
  • % of reviews with media

The dashboard also enables you to analyze reviews at the product level, providing brands with a nuanced understanding of customer feedback.

Daasity also enables you to connect your review data with sales data. So you can spot trends and understand how customer feedback impacts your sales performance. This customization offers a comprehensive view of how reviews influence purchasing decisions and overall business growth.

Benefits of Integrating Okendo with Daasity 

Using Daasity and Okendo together brings many advantages for brands: 

  • Connect with customers: This integration enables brands to better understand customer feedback and gain insight into customer sentiments, so they can respond more effectively and take corrective action when needed.
  • Optimize reviews for social proof: The dashboard helps brands analyze and optimize review quality. For example, you can keep an eye on how many reviews include images and videos. 
  • Guide product strategy: You can dive into review insights on a macro level and drill down into specific products, helping inform product development and ensuring offerings align with customer needs. 
  • Drive customer loyalty: With detailed analytics on customer feedback, brands can improve the customer experience, fostering stronger and lasting relationships with shoppers.
  • Increase conversion rates and ROI: Understanding customer feedback in depth helps brands make targeted improvements. These changes can positively influence purchasing decisions, leading to higher conversions and increased ROI.

How to Get Started With Daasity & Okendo

If you’re already a Daasity customer, it’s easy to get started. 

Growth customers need to set up the Okendo integration in the app. Data will start flowing, and the Explore and Dashboard features will show up in your list of Explores & Dashboards. 

Enterprise customers can also set up the integration themselves in the Daasity app. If you're a Hub & Spoke merchant, get in touch with Daasity support and we’ll handle it for you right away.

Get More Out of Your Customer Reviews

The importance of customer reviews is clear. They provide valuable insights and heavily influence consumer trust and purchasing decisions. 

The collaboration between Daasity and Okendo is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for brands looking to maximize the value of customer reviews. This integration simplifies the process of analyzing customer feedback and turns this information into actionable insights. So you can drive customer loyalty and business growth.

Ready to get started? Integrate Daasity with Okendo today to transform your approach to customer reviews and unlock the power of detailed analytics. 

Still need a data and analytics platform? Get in touch to see what Daasity can do for you.

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