Kopari leverages Daasity and ReCharge to raise $20M in funding

For Kopari, neither data (nor beauty) is skin deep. Here’s how this beauty brand cracked the shell on its data strategy to milk some seriously glowing results.

Stuck at the Surface

After launching successful products for one-time purchases, Kopari accelerated product development and implemented a subscription program. The company was growing fast—both in single purchases and in their subscription purchases.

Kopari was using ReCharge (a Shopify plug-in) to manage subscriptions, but it only had access to subscription data through the app, leaving the team uninformed about the bigger picture and how subscriptions were affecting their overall business.

As a result, the brand had little insight into these two distinct segments and no way to manage or optimize programs towards them.

Unlocking Deep Insights with Data

An integration was built to ingest all ReCharge data and combine it with Shopify and customer data. This allowed Daasity to unlock insights that would help distinguish between subscription customers versus non-subscription customers, as well as their overall performance.

Smoothing out the Wrinkles for an Everlasting Flow

With a holistic and nuanced view of their customer data, Kopari was able to access critical insights about its customers. The integrated data revealed drastic differences in the behaviors of their subscription and non-subscription customers, as well as the metrics used to track them.

This information enabled the team to put together several targeted strategies to manage their performance—separately.

With a powerful data analytics solution and meaningful insights, Kopari is able to make smarter, faster, and more strategic decisions about the business to accelerate growth. Not only is the subscription service now a sizable part of Kopari’s revenue, the brand was also able to raise $20M in Series A funding due to the data and insights they unlocked using Daasity’s platform.

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