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Tired of pulling reports from Amazon? Daasity automates the data retrieval process, giving you more time to delve into the numbers, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. 

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Streamline Your Amazon Data

No more manual report downloads. Daasity seamlessly retrieves data from all Amazon Reporting endpoints, turning a once-infuriating process into a simple automation that feeds into ready-to-analyze dashboards.


Access the data you need in seconds via customizable dashboards and reports that are automatically updated every day.


Get a single view of all the regions you sell in.


Ensure comprehensive data capture with Daasity retrieving all Amazon Reporting endpoints programmatically.


Say Goodbye to Data Siloes

Daasity breaks down data silos by blending your Amazon data with your other sales channels like your eCommerce/DTC instance or any retail stores you sell into. This holistic view empowers you to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights with your entire business in mind.

Orders and Revenue
Access and analyze your Amazon orders data effortlessly with Daasity, gaining valuable insights to drive your business forward.

Inventory and Inventory Health
Achieve optimal FBA inventory levels and monitor inventory trends across Amazon and DTC channels, maintaining a balanced stock.

Amazon Settlement Report
Enhance profitability with the Amazon Settlement Report dashboard, offering insights into historical revenue, Seller, and fulfillment costs.

Our board members were blown away by our level of data sophistication for Amazon with Daasity - and we’re just getting started.
Josh Knopman
VP of Growth & Digital Product

Powering Some of the Fastest Growing Brands

Daasity is one of those things I can’t live without.

Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations and Finance


growth over multiple years

$1 per Order Saved

by catching warehouse shipping errors

Daasity has been critical in giving us an accurate view into the success of our marketing efforts.

Josh Knopman, Director of Growth & Digital Product


increase in new SKU pricing


increase in blended SKU

I think of Daasity as a super-smart developer on the backend that works for us.

Lanny Chui, VP of Analytics and Business Intelligence


connected data sources


Daasity’s transform code, accelerating analytics

I think of Daasity as an “Easy Button” to make all your data talk to each other.

Dave Olivia, Senior Manage, eCommerce Growth


increase in LTV in top 4 segments

10+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

When it comes to our data, it’s easier to say what we don’t use Daasity for.

Curtis Howland, Director of Marketing


saved in fulfillment overcharged

50+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

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