The Marketing Attribution Dashboard for Consumer Brands


The ability to granularly analyze, slice and dice, and report on your marketing attribution is fundamental to understanding where to best allocate budget.

(You know this. But, y’know… SEO.)

However, most analytics tools and/or data platforms provide relatively limited ability to dig deeper into attribution data, and they tend not to be built with larger merchants in mind. Especially those merchants with more complicated marketing and multiple selling channels. 

We’ve solved that. 

At Daasity, we work with multi-million and multi-billion dollar omnichannel brands, even those with the largest data volumes and most complicated data. And we extend our robust and customizable functionality to our attribution analytics offering.

Daasity’s Marketing Attribution Dashboard & Functionality

Analyzing Eight Attribution Models

We enable brands to analyze from eight attribution models out of the box and toggle among them to analyze data through different lenses:

Among these models includes what we’ve named assisted attribution, which will attribute an order to each of the channels that had a touchpoint on the path to conversion but did not get last-click credit. 

Through extensive testing with (and feedback from) our brands, we believe that last-click + assisted attribution provides the most complete and unbiased picture of a channel’s impact. Assisted attribution can uncover a lot of value that may be buried by last-click attribution. 

For instance, consider some of this brand’s data:

Although analyzing net sales by last click is a great starting point, getting an idea of other channels’ contributions (assisted lift) toward total sales helps understand the importance of certain touch points in customers’ journeys.

Additionally, you can analyze attribution via a variety of metrics besides net sales, including gross margin, gross sales, and more.

Discount Code Performance Tracking

Daasity also helps brands to track all discount code performance, which can be factored into customizable attribution logic (which we’ll cover in the next section). This brand, for example, is tracking dozens of discount codes [whited out] and their contribution to net sales:

Customizing Attribution Logic

Daasity enables brands can customize attribution logic, and rank order the attribution methods you value most:

In this case, for its custom attribution, the brand defaults to Survey-Based attribution, through the survey tool Fairing.

Furthermore, brands can define what is considered to be a marketing channel vs. an ad channel:

Learn More about Daasity's Attribution Functionality

For a full deep-dive into every dimension and dozens of measures that you can analyze with Daasity, check out our attribution documentation here.

Or, if you'd like to talk to a friendly human and get some more information on how Daasity’s marketing attribution dashboard can help you, we’d love to show you. Contact us here.

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