A Q&A with Jon Pruitt, Daasity’s new VP of Partnerships


We’re so happy to announce that eCommerce veteran Jon Pruitt is the new VP of Partnerships at Daasity.

From his experience working for BigCommerce, Omnisend, Bronto, and others, Jon has seen firsthand how the eCommerce industry has evolved over the last decade and how data has changed the game for merchants.

We chatted with Jon to learn more about data, partnerships, and–importantly–the go-to spot for great BBQ in Austin.

1. Your partnerships track record speaks for itself: major success at multiple orgs. So, why Daasity? What’s getting you fired up about data and analytics?

It might sound cheesy, but, quite frankly: the number one thing for me outside of Daasity’s product being phenomenal is the people. 

The combination of an incredible product and an incredible team has created a fantastic company culture.

2. What makes you most excited about the data landscape today?

Data is making the world go ‘round! With everything that’s out there (tons of eComm tools, platforms), having the ability to consolidate data into one platform and truly understand how your business is running is a game-changer. 

I feel like we can transform companies, make them more profitable, and increase their margins.

But I think a lot about customers. When you think about everything changing in advertising, even in the last 6 months with iOS and Facebook, we have to get smarter (we, as in merchants) about how we’re communicating with customers, and how we’re thinking about presenting brands. 

There’s so much room to optimize the products, services, and messaging in front of consumers to keep them engaged with brands.

3. What do you think are the foundations of a great partnership?

It has to be a two-way street. “We want to partner” is said a lot, but it’s often for their organization’s benefit and doesn’t factor in how we can help one another, and also—most importantly—thinking about how merchants will benefit. 

The most important thing is not how fast Daasity or a partner grows, but it’s how we are helping a merchant or customer be more successful. 

We have to put merchants first.

Then, when we think of a partnership outside of that, it’s how we help each other grow. How do we evangelize the pairing or group? 

This goes for all partnerships, whether it’s an agency helping their client get the most out Daasity, or whether it’s a tech partnership to help give merchants data and actionable insights.

4. Where do you want to take the partnership program at Daasity?

We’re going to make Daasity a household name, and we want to help our partners grow their businesses: again, both agencies and technologies. 

If it’s an agency, and they’re looking to grow new services (if that’s their aspiration), we want to support them through that. 

If it’s a technology trying to become stickier and they’re looking to help merchants get more value out of their product, we’ll help with that, too.

5. In five years, what do you think eCommerce will look like?

I think we’re going to continue to see eCommerce and in-person shopping experiences merge more and more closely.

I was watching the news this morning and thinking about a job I had at Best Buy, right out of college.

Back then, I remember them talking about customer service and the way the store may change in terms of integrating more tech to help customers. It’s taken 15 years to get there… but, they were reporting how Walmart is experimenting with a more interactive store experience.

For example, say you pick up an electric razor. You have video boards that show you more about it. You’ll see more and more companies start to say “Hey, when you come in, sign into this iPad” for a personalized experience. Brands will start to understand more about who a customer is online vs in-store.

Then, the key will be helping brands to consolidate all that data into one platform.

6. What does a Saturday look like for you?

First thing—dog’s going for a walk, a long walk. Then, it depends on whether it’s fall or not. If it’s Fall, I’m watching some college football (NC State!). After that, maybe I’ll catch a concert, go to a brewery, or do something locally.

If it’s the spring, I’m enjoying the beautiful sites and sounds of Austin: parks, trails, lakes. 

We're also season ticket holders for Austin FC and the Broadway tour, so you might catch us at a soccer game or watching the latest musical to come through Austin.

7. Favorite BBQ spot or other restaurant in Austin?

Interstellar BBQ. It was unheard of until a couple months ago, but now you can’t get in there. General go-to, though, is Terry Black’s.

Outside of BBQ — Odd Duck is absolutely phenomenal.

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