Introducing: The Daasity Data & Analytics Agency


Daasity today launched the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency, which offers a suite of services enabling merchants using Daasity to offload or augment ELT (extract, load, transform) as well as strategic analytical needs. Merchants can leverage Daasity’s analysts and engineers, who are commerce data veterans, to become true data-driven organizations and drive their businesses forward.

The Daasity Data & Analytics Agency is uniquely qualified to enhance merchants’ value from the Daasity platform and unlock insights, develop custom analytics solutions, advise on and bolster corporate data strategy, and support organizations in the face of challenges, such as team turnover. This solution is significantly more cost effective for merchants not ready to hire a full-time data analyst or expand their data team. The Daasity Data & Analytics Agency can execute on data and analytics infrastructure needs, and it knows the Daasity platform intimately.  

Daasity’s mission is, and always has been, to help merchants become data-driven organizations. The Daasity Data & Analytics Agency aligns with that vision, by providing technical support, data analytics experience, and data strategy to help merchants meet their goals. The benefits of the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency include: 

  • Significant cost and time savings on data and analytics
  • Expertise in the Daasity platform and commerce landscape
  • Ideal analytical environment creation so brands can focus on growth

“The Daasity Data & Analytics Agency has been a fantastic partner for us as we continue to expand our marketing and retail channels, becoming an omnichannel brand,” said Calvin Lammers, VP of digital and media, Nécessaire. “The agency has been tremendously helpful in unifying our data sources across our new channels, enabling us to maintain clear sightlines into our business performance and KPIs. Specifically, the agency has helped Nécessaire build custom dashboards, combining our digital and spend performance with new and repeat customer sales across DTC and Amazon, as well as total company sell-through reports with our retail partners.”

“Daasity is more than a platform, it’s a way to operate your business. CEOs and CFOs know that to be successful you have to build a plan, operate to that plan and, more importantly, track performance to that plan. While the Daasity platform is built to provide data, the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency is poised to help organizations build that plan and ensure that they are running a data-driven organization,” said Dan LeBlanc, Daasity co-founder and CEO.

About Daasity

Daasity is the only platform robust enough to support the varied data architecture and analytics needs of consumer brands selling via e-commerce, digital marketplaces, retail, and wholesale. Multimillion and multibillion dollar brands use Daasity in parts or as a complete data, analytics, and reporting solution. In short, we enable omnichannel brands to be data-driven. For more about Daasity, our 60+ integrations, and how our platform powers more profitable growth for our brands, visit us at

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