Empower Your BigCommerce Business with Advanced Data and Analytics

The Modular Data Platform
Scalable, Customizable, Future-Proof

Daasity is the only data platform that can partially or fully support the complicated, varied and changing data and analytics needs of consumer brands, whether they’re doing milllions or billions in revenue.

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Unlock the Power in Your BigCommerce Data

Daasity is the only ELT+ platform built specifically for retail brands, providing unparalleled capabilities for BigCommerce brands to unlock the true power of their data. With centralized data, advanced analytics, and customizable reports, brands can uncover growth opportunities, track customer behavior, and optimize strategies.

When it comes to our data, it's easier to say what we don't use Daasity for.

Curtis Howland
Director of Marketing

over  50 hours a week saved on manual data work

Get More Out of Your BigCommerce Data

Gain valuable, actionable insights from not only BigCommerce, but from all the sources fueling your business to obtain a comprehensive view of your performance and fuel sustainable growth. With a centralized, holistic perspective, you can make informed decisions and optimized strategies for success.


Benefits of Daasity

Get actionable insights not only from BigCommerce, but also from the other places that power your business so that you can get a holistic view and do some other stuff:

Centralized Platform

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple data tools and consolidating all your data and analytics in one place. Save time (and money) and streamline your operations effortlessly.

Cost Savings

Experience significant cost savings by eliminating the need for multiple data software tools or hiring a large in-house team to manage your data.

Retail Focus

Developed by retailers for retailers, Daasity’s platform is tailored to meet the specific needs of retail businesses.

Enhanced Performance

Leverage the power of advanced analytics and insights through a centralized platform to unlock immediate and tangible results that propel your business forward.

Seamless Integrations

Staff turnover? Tech migration? With us, changes downstream won’t impact upstream analysis.


Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

Enhance your workflow by seamlessly integrating with the tools you use, creating a more streamlined and efficient experience.