Sardel Heats Up Retention and Conversion Rate with Daasity

How the cookware brand whipped up a 20% YoY increase in AOV.

High-level Data

  • 20% increase in AOV 2020-2021
  • 9% increase in repurchase rates (customers between 3 months and 1 year)
  • 6.9% increase in YoY onsite Conversion Rate between Mar ‘21 and Mar ‘22

Data: A recipe for strategic business decisions

In just three years, Sardel’s business had grown to the point where centralized data and a single source of truth was no longer a “nice to have”–it was a must-have, in order to support and drive strategic business decisions. However, the company was unable to leverage its data because it was siloed in various sources: Shopify, Facebook, Gorgias, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and ReCharge. 

Not so appetizing for a cookware company! 

Daasity enabled Sardel to aggregate its data into a centralized platform and “serve up” reporting and metrics to order. The team easily created custom reports for different stakeholders to ensure they had the information they needed. 

For example, leadership was able to keep tabs on the day-to-day numbers with daily reports. The broader team, including Digital Marketing, was kept in the loop with the same data, packaged into weekly reports, which was used to collectively drive towards business goals and hit targets. 

quote text: When I did a demo with Daasity, I was immediately able to aggregate all our data and create customized reports that were easily digestible. Most importantly, Daasity allowed me to calculate the metrics exactly how I wanted to calculate them for our business.

The secret sauce for Sardel was the ability to get real-time feedback on marketing and merchandising activities to make quick and timely decisions. Regular reporting made emerging trends visible, enabling the team to act–either to amplify the positive or to mitigate/reverse the negative. 

Feeding the Gut (Instincts) with Data

One of the most significant changes for Sardel after implementing Daasity was that they could use metrics to drive decisions as opposed to leaning on gut instinct. 

quote text: Before Daasity, we had to lean on our gut instinct to make many business decisions. Now we have data to back up a thesis of why something is happening, inform why we should make a certain change, and then track to see if it had the impact we thought it would.

Site optimization for delicious results

Daasity was essential in helping Sardel optimize its eCommerce site. Using data, the team improved conversion rates, AOV, and the company’s bottom line. 

In other words, they gut the gut instinct from their optimization process. 

Specifically, Sardel used Daasity’s product affinity analysis dashboard to understand how to more effectively merchandise products:

Sample chart with sample data. This product affinity chart shows customers’ most common same-cart purchases, which can optimize bundling, email flows, cross-sells, and more. One set of affinities are highlighted (any affinity can be highlighted and explored further).

The data showing which products were most frequently purchased together or purchased sequentially in customers’ first and second orders helped Sardel fine-tune the recommendations (i.e., “recommended for you,” “you might also like,” and “buy it with”) showcased on the home page and product detail pages.  

Sardel also optimized bundle offerings based on product affinity data. In addition, the team used Daasity to analyze their site funnel to understand which product pages were converting customers at the highest rate and determine how to drive more customers to those pages. 

All of these optimizations contributed to lifting AOV 20% from 2020 to 2021. 

Back for seconds to fill the gut: Improved repurchase rate

Product affinity data also helped Sardel bump up repurchase rates by 9%. The team used purchasing insights from Daasity (e.g., customers buying non-stick products) to power more effective ad retargeting strategies and email sequences.  

Based on what products their customers often purchased together, the Sardel team updated ads and emails to target segments based on their first order purchases. The increased confidence led the team to invest more in promoting these offers to bring more customers back.

Daasity Premium Support caters to merchants’ needs

Daasity’s high-touch customer support team helped Sardel’s lean, high-achieving team get up to speed using Daasity. 

Sardel needed custom reports built fast to keep up with their accelerating growth, but the team wasn’t ready to invest in an Analyst themselves. With Daasity’s Premium Support team, they were able to get the reports when they needed them without tying up their own team’s time.

quote text: Kevin Duong on Daasity's Merchant Success Team has been incredible. He regularly checked in with me as I got to know the platform and built out my dashboards to make sure I was getting the data I needed, exactly how I wanted it.

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