Daasity Helps Clean Beauty Brand Josie Maran Clean Up Its Data

How Josie Maran built their data stack and a single source of truth

High-level Data

  • Saves 10-20 hrs/quarter by eliminating manual data cleansing
  • Leverages a data stack that includes Daasity, Simon Data, Snowflake, and Looker

Democratizing data with Daasity

Josie Maran is growing fast in multiple channels, and the team was struggling to use data in meaningful ways to inform its business strategy. 

They needed a powerful data stack, and they needed it fast.

After a recommendation from their planned CDP, Simon Data, the Josie Maran DTC team selected Daasity as eCommerce data warehousing and analytics provider. Through Daasity, the team gained a Snowflake instance and a Looker instance, which provided a couple major unlocks. 

  • First, with their data centralized and transformed in a data warehouse, the team was able to get up and running on Simon Data much faster than planned. 
  • Second, the eCommerce/DTC team at Josie Maran started to be considered “The Oracle” at the brand, as they were now able to answer any questions about data and brand performance that the marketing, operations, and finance teams had. 

Using data insights to nourish a healthy business 

Daasity stood out to the Josie Maran team because it’s flexible, user-friendly, fast to implement, and it would easily integrate with other software and platforms to create a powerful data stack. 

Prior to Daasity, it was a big challenge for the team to drill down into the data they had for more granular insights. 

For example, while the DTC team could track new customer acquisitions, it was unable to leverage first-party data for analytics such as basket analysis to build better cross-sells or to better understand what factors (like first purchases or products purchased) tended to result in higher customer LTV.

With Daasity, the team could combine the data to make the connections needed to glean insights into customer journey and customer behavior. It would be able to track the “micro-moments” in the customer journey that had the potential to greatly impact business health and revenue. 

Data-driven decisions for a beautiful business future

Using Daasity has greatly increased the team’s confidence in the accuracy of the metrics they use to make strategic decisions. Additionally, they gained more time to be more strategic and actively look for new opportunities. 

Data now impacts and helps every part of the business, from informing marketing campaigns to managing inventory levels. 

Josie Maran plans to continue to roll out Daasity to additional users by creating custom dashboards for finance and operations, so everyone will be able to answer questions about brand performance, data tracking, and more.

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