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Daasity transforms data chaos into clarity. Pull your multichannel data into a single source of truth to uncover insights and power smarter business decisions. 

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The Only Data Architecture and Analytics Solution Built for Consumer Brands

Say goodbye to platform hopping and spreadsheet nightmares, and hello to powerful analytics and reporting. Designed by retail experts, Daasity helps brands of all sizes to streamline their data into a single, powerful hub—from startups to billion-dollar enterprises.

60+ Integrations
We seamlessly integrate with almost all key eCommerce and retail tools, from Amazon and Klaviyo to GA4 and TikTok.

Unified Data
No more data silos. With Daasity's proprietary data models, you gain insights into cross-channel marketing, Amazon vs. DTC, cohort analysis, and much more.

Detailed Insights
Access key reports and dashboards, and receive automated reports delivered directly to your inbox or Slack. 

How we work

Simplify Your Data, Supercharge Your Success

Designed for both seasoned data professionals and everyday users, Daasity is engineered to deliver powerful insights for everyone. Whether you are looking to track KPIs, optimize data orchestration, or harness pre-built analysis to drive decision making across your organization, you can do it with Daasity.

Connect Your Data

Seamlessly link the tools in your tech stack to Daasity and get up-to-date data every day.

Spot Trends and Uncover Patterns

Leverage powerful and customizable visualizations to analyze business performance.

Elevate Your Marketing

Build custom segments to create more personalized and engaging messaging for your audiences.

Extract & Load

Effortlessly collect vital eCommerce and retail data with Daasity's 60+ extractors, automatically loading it into your data warehouse.


Align diverse data sources with Daasity's tailored data models for consumer brands, enabling robust analysis.


Tap into done-for-you dashboards or build powerful custom visualizations to drive insights and meet your specific business requirements.


Use our reverse ELT function to send transformed and segmented data back into your marketing channels to create personalized and engaging messaging.

Data Orchestration

Use pre-built or customized workflows to orchestrate extractions and transformations, improving data accuracy.

use cases

Data for Every Decision

Brands use Daasity to optimize every area of their businesses, but here are a few favorites:

Daasity for

There’s a Daasity for Everyone

Empower every team to make smarter decisions in less time with Daasity’s robust, automated analytics.

Harness data insights and key metrics across all channels to fuel your growth objectives.

Customer Acquisition
Identify ID channels and products that lead to the highest LTV and keep your CAC in line.

Customer Acquisition
Retain and engage your most valuable customers by leveraging RFM, tracking repurchase rate by channel, and more.

Customer Segmentation
Define customer segments to fine-tune marketing, gain valuable purchase insights, and optimize campaign strategies.

Manage and automate the ELTVO process within one powerful platform.

Automate Work
Save dozens of hours on manual data work every month with automated ELT.

Customizable Transformations
Run your own code or a variety of fully customizable pre-built SQL blocks maintained by Daasity.

Data Orchestration
Build extraction-only, transformation-only, or full ELT workflows, or leverage Daasity’s out-of-the box functionality.

Make better merchandising decisions with multichannel reports and analytics.

Demand Forecasting
Predict order and revenue by utilizing segmentation and repurchase rates.

Inventory Optimization
Optimize POs and future order forecasts to avoid oversupply or stockouts.

Merchandising Assortment
Increase profitability and implement analytics that assess product performance across channels.

Consolidate all your business data and gain a comprehensive view of financial performance.

TCO Reduction
Substantially reduce the time and cost to implement a custom data solution.

Turnover Protection
Ensure uninterrupted access to essential data, daily reporting, and analytics, regardless of team changes.

Warehouse Savings
Save money by finding errors as they come up and improving ops processes.


Drive Growth With Daasity

Daasity is the only data platform equipped to support the complex and evolving data and analytics needs of consumer brands.

Fully Customizable

Daasity can be fully customized to suit your individual data needs, no matter how sophisticated.

Expertise to Match Your Goals

Our Services team is packed with data veterans and ready to support you with your most significant data challenges.

Built to Scale With You

Our flexible platform helps every business manage their data—from DTC startups to retail giants.


Powering Some of the Fastest Growing Brands

Daasity is one of those things I can’t live without.

Izzy Chafkin, VP of Operations and Finance


growth over multiple years

$1 per Order Saved

by catching warehouse shipping errors

Daasity has been critical in giving us an accurate view into the success of our marketing efforts.

Josh Knopman, Director of Growth & Digital Product


increase in new SKU pricing


increase in blended SKU

I think of Daasity as a super-smart developer on the backend that works for us.

Lanny Chui, VP of Analytics and Business Intelligence


connected data sources


Daasity’s transform code, accelerating analytics

I think of Daasity as an “Easy Button” to make all your data talk to each other.

Dave Olivia, Senior Manage, eCommerce Growth


increase in LTV in top 4 segments

10+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

When it comes to our data, it’s easier to say what we don’t use Daasity for.

Curtis Howland, Director of Marketing


saved in fulfillment overcharged

50+ hours

per week saved on manual data work

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