Daasity's Guide to Email Click-Through Rate


Email Click-Through Rate Definition

Email click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of subscribers who clicked on something within an email (a link, a CTA, an offer, etc.).

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What is the Email Click-Through Rate Formula?

To calculate email click-through rate, divide the total number of subscribers who click on an email by your total number of subscribers:

Average Email Click-Through Rate

Among DTC eCommerce brands, Daasity has seen a 1%-2% CTR, on average.

How Do You Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate?

Email click-through rates can be improved by simple, clear, compelling design. Unclear or busy design reduces engagement because people aren't sure where to click, and anyone reading an email should understand how to navigate the email, click through it, and take the action that you want them to take.

Additionally, the copy in emails must be equally clear and compelling: it has to motivate the customer or potential customer to check out what you want them to see.

Building domain credibility with proper email security and BIMI will also increase the chances of getting clicks. Another way to increase the click-through rate is to use personalized templates from an email service provider.

Why Is Click-Through Rate Important? In a Word: Privacy.

In light of Apple's iOS 15 privacy updates, click-through rate has become an even more important metric than ever—in fact, it's now your most important email engagement metric. Now that open rates are uninformative, the most important measure of an email's quality is how often people go from it to your website.

Until there's a way to replace or work around email open rate and provide more context to lower-intent customer engagement, the evaluation of email performance will be based on a lone question: did someone click?

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