Daasity Reaches a Milestone and Successfully Raises $2.3M


Daasity Reaches a Milestone and Successfully Raises $2.3M

I’m thrilled to announce that Daasity has reached a major milestone by successfully raising $2.3M in our first round of funding. I believe in what we are building and am elated that our investors do too. Our debut investment round was oversubscribed and led by Okapi Venture Capital.  Serra Ventures, Cove Fund II, 1855 Capital, and Mooring Ventures LLC also participated.

Doing a capital raise, regardless of how large or small, is not for the faint of heart. We’ve been working to continue to deliver excellent value to our current clients while pushing to bring our vision to market faster with a capital infusion. As a result of the funding, we will be expanding our team both in San Diego and on the east coast. I’m excited to accelerate hiring for software engineers and data scientists, among other roles we will be posting in the coming months. What I’m most excited about is the new products and enhancements we can bring to market faster with this addition of working capital.

We are currently working on some exciting new predictive analytics solutions that will launch in 2020 and supplement our existing “DTC Analytics Suite.”

I’m humbled to think back to the days when Daasity had just a couple of customers, and as word spread more DTC brands started to contact us. Soon we doubled our customer base and then doubled again. I’m proud to say that our solutions are becoming a core part of business for 40+ fantastic brands in the eCommerce and DTC space and I expect that number to double again soon.  It’s exciting to see our technology solving their complex data needs, helping them to make smarter business decisions and accelerating revenue growth.

The eCommerce ecosystem is booming, and there is no other tool out there that does what our proprietary data model can do for businesses. It makes complex data from a variety of sources accessible, accurate and easy-to-manage in one tool. It gives a holistic view across all areas critical to growing businesses.

I’m delighted with how far we’ve come this past year and am looking forward to quickly expanding with the success of our fundraising efforts. I’m grateful to our clients and our nimble but mighty team that helped get us to this landmark moment in our company’s history.

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