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Daasity Builds ELT+ for Commerce on the Snowflake Data Cloud


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – January 31, 2023 Daasity Inc. today announced that it has launched ELT+ for Commerce, Powered by Snowflake. ELT+ for Commerce will benefit customers by enabling consumer brands selling via eCommerce, Amazon, retail, and/or wholesale to implement a full or partial data and analytics stack. 

“Brands using Daasity and Snowflake can rapidly implement a customizable data stack that benefits from Snowflake’s dynamic workload scaling and Secure Data Sharing features,” said Dan LeBlanc, Daasity co-founder and CEO. “Additionally, customers can leverage Daasity features such as the Test Warehouse, which enables merchants to create a duplicate warehouse in one click and test code in a non-production environment. Our goal is to make brands, particularly those at the enterprise level, truly data-driven organizations.”

Building its solution on Snowflake has allowed Daasity to leverage Snowflake’s single, integrated platform to help joint customers extract, load, transform, analyze, and operationalize their data. With Daasity, brands only need one platform that includes Snowflake to manage their entire data environment.

“Daasity’s ELT+ for Commerce, Powered by Snowflake, will offer our joint customers a way to build a single source of truth around their data, which is transformative for businesses pursuing innovation,” said Scott Schilling, Senior Director of Global Partner Development at Snowflake. “As Snowflake continues to make strides in mobilizing the world’s data, partners like Daasity give our customers flexibility around how they build data solutions and leverage data across the organization.” 

Daasity enables omnichannel consumer brands to be data-driven. Built by analysts and engineers, the Daasity platform supports the varied data architecture, analytics, and reporting needs of consumer brands selling via eCommerce, Amazon, retail, and wholesale. Using Daasity, teams across the organization get a centralized and normalized view of all their data, regardless of the tools in their tech stack and how their future data needs may change. 

ELT stands for Extract, Load, Transform, meaning customers can extract data from various sources, load the data into Snowflake, and transform the data into actions that marketers can pursue. For more information about Daasity, our 60+ integrations, and how the platform drives more profitable growth for 1600+ brands, visit us at

Industry-leading applications are Powered by Snowflake. By building on Snowflake, product and engineering teams are able to develop, scale, and operate their applications without operational burden, delivering differentiated products to their customers. With the Powered by Snowflake program, builders get access to resources to help them design, market, and operate their applications in the Data Cloud. To learn more about the Powered by Snowflake program and how organizations are building on Snowflake, click here.

About Daasity

At Daasity, we believe every company, no matter the size, should have access to the data and tools they need to be successful. But far too often, that’s not the case. Founded in 2017, Daasity is the first and only eCommerce analytics platform built exclusively for consumer product brands by industry leaders in the space. Daasity’s flexible Modular Data Platform helps brands uncover insights from their data that increase sales, optimize spending, and cut costs. Over 1,600 of the world’s fastest growing brands trust Daasity.

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