The 9 Best eCommerce Podcasts in 2023


The world of eCommerce podcasts is flourishing. There are now over 100 podcasts to listen to that cover all aspects of running an eCommerce business: marketing, sales, shipping, ops, HR, PR, finance, and myriad topics within those categories.

While most of the podcasts reliably offer useful tips, we want to bring you the cream of the crop… No, wait, wait. We can do better than that. 

We want to steer your ear. Here are the 9 best eCommerce podcasts to listen to this year.

Watson Weekly Podcast

eCommerce veteran Rick Watson hosts the Watson Weekly Podcast, a 10-15 minute eComm digest on the need-to-know eCommerce news every week.

The podcast covers everything from Shopify and Amazon news, to new startups, to the latest VC news, to Wall Street developments.

Why you should listen to the Watson Weekly Podcast

  • Launched every Monday, the Watson Weekly Podcast is an info-packed listen for a morning commute, with your morning coffee, or as you're starting your day.
  • Rick Watson has a ton of experience in the eCommerce world and has built a following of tens of thousands of people who are eager to hear his opinions and takes on what's going on in eComm.

eCommerce Fastlane

eCommerce expert and Shopify vet Steve Hutt hosts the eCommerce Fastlane podcast.

The eCommerce Fastlane podcast is a twice-weekly podcast where Steve interviews Shopify Partners and SMEs who share the latest marketing strategy, tactics, platforms, and must have apps.

The main goals? Educate and help Shopify-powered brands improve efficiencies, profitably grow revenue, and build lifetime customer loyalty.

Why you should listen to eCommerce Fastlane

  • Steve Hutt has entrepreneurship in his DNA, and he's been in the game since the early 2000s: he's seen and done it all, and he continues to help eCommerce brands via his role as Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify.
  • Interviews with CEOs and leaders throughout the eCommerce/Shopify ecosystem
  • Get a "Tweetable Gold Nugget" with each episode.

The Ecommerce Marketing Show

The Ecommerce Marketing Show is hosted by Ben Jabbawy (the CEO of Privy). 

You can catch new episodes of the Ecommerce Marketing Show every weekday. The podcast is perfect for everyone from store owners who are just starting out and need advice on how to start an online business to those who are looking to scale their ventures.

Expect to hear some great nuggets of information from every episode that may spark the next “aha” moment for your brand.

Why you should listen to the Ecommerce Marketing Show

  • Hosted by the CEO of Privy, an app installed on over 100,000 Shopify stores. Ben knows eCommerce and what it takes to scale.
  • Episodes are generally 8 - 25 minutes. They’re perfect for listening while you eat breakfast or while you’re on your lunch break.
  • Covers a wide range of topics: shipping, product catalogs, content tips, promotion ideas, the best apps to use, merchandising, data, and much more.

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Do you want to know how some of the most successful Shopify stores got started and their secrets to success? Check out the Unofficial Shopify Podcast hosted by Kurt Elster

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast was one of the earliest podcasts focused on Shopify stores, and it’s a great listen if you’re looking for advanced tips from 7- to 8-figure Shopify store owners. 

Although Shopify is in the name, this podcast is not affiliated with Shopify in any way. But don’t be surprised if you listen to a few episodes featuring Shopify employees.

Why you should listen to the Unofficial Shopify Podcast

  • Learn from Shopify store owners who scaled their brands from zero to millions.
  • Features a wide variety of guests including store owners, app developers, agencies, and even Shopify’s leadership team.
  • Episodes are typically 45 minutes to an hour and are packed with useful tips and insights for running a Shopify store.

2x Ecommerce

The 2x Ecommerce podcast was another early mover in the eCommerce podcast space, first airing at the end of 2014—and the content is better than ever. Hosted by Kunle Campbell, 2x Ecommerce largely features store owners who have hit $1 million or more in annual sales and other experts from innovative brands. 

Why you should listen to the 2x Ecommerce Podcast

  • Over 330 episodes full of useful tips & lessons learned from some of the biggest eCommerce brands.
  • Hosts multiple annual online events with dozens of speakers.
  • Features a wide variety of guests, including store owners, app developers, and agencies.

My Wife Quit Her Job

Are you bootstrapping your eCommerce brand? Need some pointers? The My Wife Quit Her Job podcast, hosted by Steve Chou, is here to help.

This podcast is unique in that it only features entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their online businesses to 7-figure growth. And yes, the podcast does cover how Steve Chou’s wife quit her job to start multiple successful online businesses.

This podcast is jam-packed with stories and lessons from entrepreneurs who grew their businesses without raising VC funding. If you want to learn what they did and how they did it, check it out.

Why you should listen to the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

  • Learn from bootstrapping business owners.
  • Learn how Steve is running his own eCommerce store.
  • Also covers broader topics around entrepreneurship and running a business.

eCommerce Evolution 

eCommerce Evolution is hosted by Brett Curry, CEO of OMG Commerce. This podcast focuses on interviews with merchants, vendors, and experts who are shaping the eCommerce industry. 

With a future-focused approach, they take an in-depth look at what's new and what's next in eCommerce.

Why you should listen to the eCommerce Evolution Podcast

  • Hosted by the CEO of OMG Commerce–an agency that’s scaled some of the world’s biggest eCommerce stores. They’re full of serious, vetted experts.
  • Recent topics include raising crowdfunded equity, buying and selling a brand, optimizing Amazon product listings, and Facebook ads strategies.

Ecommerce Influence

Ecommerce Influence is a podcast with a mission: to help eCommerce entrepreneurs build wealth and live more fulfilled lives. 

They believe the “crush-it” culture is toxic, and they focus on having guests who have built businesses without succumbing to 80-hour workweeks. If you want to learn how eCommerce businesses were built with a focus on work-life balance, this is the podcast for you. 

Why you should listen to the Ecommerce Influence Podcast

  • Learn from 7-figure store owners who grew their business without working crazy hours.
  • Get access to resources that will help you grow your eCommerce business and not lose your mind in the process.
  • Learn how to invest in your eCommerce business to fund other projects & companies.

Future Commerce 

Future Commerce is a podcast for eCommerce store owners who aren’t looking for simple tips. This podcast focuses on founders who want to build a lasting brand, along with the complex impact of eCommerce on the world. 

Each week, hosts Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange explore what it really means to sell products online, and how commerce and media impact the culture and the world around us.

Why you should listen to the Future Commerce Podcast

  • Rather than just focusing on hard-hitting tactics and optimizing your marketing spend, enjoy some thought leadership around capitalism and consumption as they pertain to eCommerce.
  • Get access to quarterly research reports that cover the eCommerce industry’s biggest trends

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