The 3 Types of Amazon Ads


The 3 Types of Amazon Ads

There are 3 types of ads that you will encounter and can use on Amazon:

  1. Sponsored Brand Ad: This type of ad will appear at the very top of an Amazon search result page and will include the brand name, logo, and up to 3 featured products. Sponsored Brand Ads are Pay-Per-Click.
  2. Sponsored Product Ad: This type of ad will appear in the top row of search results, below a Sponsored Brand Ad. A Sponsored Product Ad looks like any other product shown in an Amazon search and will include name/product description, a photo, price, rating, and Amazon Prime availability.
  3. Sponsored Displays: This type of ad may appear on or off Amazon. They can appear on any other site that supports Amazon ads, and they are a powerful way to get your products in front of people who might not ordinarily see them.

Here's Sean Corson, Daasity's Chief Analytics Officer and Co-Founder, for more on these Amazon Ads and their use cases for your eCommerce brand:

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