Getting Started with Your Daasity ELT+ Free Trial

Dave Swendeman
September 6, 2023

When you’re evaluating an ELT tool, we know you need to kick the tires and give it a test drive (though don’t kick them too hard; they’re just trying their best). That’s why at Daasity, we offer a 14-day free trial of our platform.

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to get set up with Daasity and start centralizing your data. 

The Steps for Setup Success

  1. Sign Up Here
  2. Set up your data warehouse. We recommend selecting a Snowflake warehouse, as we have found that it works best for consumer brands’ data, but you can also opt to set up a Redshift warehouse. If you already have a Snowflake or Redshift warehouse, you can also connect your own. Note: we highly recommend leveraging Snowflake.
  3. Connect data sources to your data warehouse via the Daasity UI. At present, Daasity has over 60 data connectors, and you can connect any of them to your warehouse. Among our most popular data sources are Amazon Seller Central (+ ASC reports) Amazon Ads, NetSuite, Shopify Plus, Google Ads, ReCharge, and Klaviyo.
  4. Activate workflows to sync and refresh your data. Workflows orchestrate all of the data extractions and transformations that occur within Daasity. Each individual workflow can kick off a set of data extractions and then, once the data has been loaded, run any transformation code tied to the workflow. These workflows can be customized based on your brand’s data needs.
  5. (Optional: set up reverse ETL targets). Daasity enables brands to push customer segments to marketing tools and channels, such as Sailthru, Klaviyo, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads. You can push prebuilt segments powered by Daasity, such as segments based on RFM scores, or your own custom segments.

What Value Does Daasity Offer Data Teams at Consumer Brands? 

Daasity extracts and loads data from omnichannel commerce data sources, then transforms that raw data into useful analytical models. 

On the extraction side, Daasity fully maintains all extractors and updates them as APIs change over time. Our ERDs for our data sources can be found here. As an example, here is our Shopify ERD:

On the transformation side, it’s based on what works for you. Data teams can leverage robust pre-built SQL code blocks that are maintained and optimized by Daasity, in order to query data and build reports in a BI tool. However, most of our brands with technical teams customize this code to suit business needs, because when it comes to data definitions and specific analytics, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. 

  • The data team at MANSCAPED, for instance, customize code on a weekly basis to save time and money on their analytics.

Next Steps with Daasity

  1. Check back in the Daasity UI tomorrow, when your data has been loaded into your data warehouse. You can check the progress of the data refreshes via the Workflows UI:
  1. Add additional data sources, which will be automatically included in your next data refresh.
  2. To maintain access to the platform after your trial period is over, please reach out to

We’re here to help and answer your questions!

For our full documentation and information about our ELT, data orchestration, and reverse ETL, head over here

We’re also happy to answer any and all questions at, where we would love to show you a full platform demo and answer questions you may have about the platform. 

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