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Powerful & Flexible Analytics for growing eCommerce brands (Audience Pricing not included).


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1,600+ of Shopify’s fastest growing brands trust their data with Daasity.

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Your business isn’t "cookie cutter." Your data analytics solution shouldn’t be either. Our flexible plans are designed to grow with your business.

Designed For Growing Brands

Don’t compromise. Daasity Growth is a complete data analytics solution with robust built-in visualization. Ready-to-go functionality enables immediate insights and flexible configurations so you can customize as you go.

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Expert Level Insights

Ready to level up? Get all the features of Growth with added customizations and flexibility to supercharge your data game. Our data model works seamlessly with your visualization platform. Get powerful data-driven business decisions from a single source of truth without the need for technical management.

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Fully Owned & Managed

We're changing the way the world views ETLs. As a result, you'll save by making the switch to Daasity's fully owned connectors. If you're a consumer product or brand, contact us to learn more.

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Certified by Leading eCommerce Analytics Technologies


What level of support is included in my plan?

Standard Support is included in all plan levels, which includes email support during business hours and quarterly check-ins with a Merchant Success Manager. If your team needs additional assistance, talk to our team about getting dedicated Analyst and Engineer resources for your business.

Can I customize my reports?

Yes, you have the ability to customize all of reports in your account. We understand that your business changes over time, so your analytics should be flexible and evolve with your business.

How frequently is my data updated?

Data is updated daily across all of your integrations.

Do I need my own Data Warehouse or BI Tool?

You do not need a Data Warehouse or BI Tool to use the Daasity Growth Product. Data Warehousing and BI are included in our core offering. For our Pro offering, speak to our sales team about your best options from our Data Warehousing and BI partners.

Is there a limit to the amount of data I can import?

All Daasity plans come with unlimited data that scales as your business does. During your 15 day free trial, you will notice that the data only goes back 12 months from when you started your trial. Once you have transitioned to a paid plan, we will import all of your historical data and store it for you.

How is the pricing for my plan calculated?

The calculation for usage charges is based on a rolling 3 month average of your total revenue and then multiplied by 12 months to determine your annualized revenue.

Daasity Extractors

Our Features

Daasity Extractors.

Our extractors are custom built with a flat monthly fee based on revenue.

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Fully owned and managed cloud hosted SaaS
1 Pipeline User
Documented schemas
Normalized schemas
Incremental updates
Direct connection support
Dedicated account manager  24/7-365 issue submission
Does not include access to subsidiary-owned data

What our customers are saying

“With Daasity, we now have a holistic view of our global stores, and are able to make strategic decisions based on the data – instead of relying 
on our gut alone.”

Jehan Ratnatunga
Co-founder, Who Gives a Crap

“Now we have easy, automated dashboards that are saving a ton of valuable time so we can focus on running the business.”

Sean Agetap
Co-Founder, Vincero

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