Data Gotcha Video — Understanding Attribution

In this Data Gotcha episode, Daasity CEO "Daasity Dan" LeBlanc, unwraps attribution: how you should be measuring it and common misconceptions. Learn about vendor reported metrics vs. first-click attribution and last-click attribution, inaccuracies in how these are reported, and how you can leverage these metrics all together to make better decisions.

Understanding Attribution in Marketing

Attribution in marketing is all about the many paths that someone can take before they make a purchase from your brand. It's rarely as simple as someone clicking on one of your Facebook ads and making a purchase two minutes later. Instead, it can be a multi-day or multi-week process from the point when they first interact with some of your brand's material to when they make a purchase.

In this video, "Daasity Dan" LeBlanc explains this process, and how to calculate ROAS by using first-click attribution, last-click attribution, and vendor-reported ROAS.

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