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Daasity is the leading analytics and data platform for Consumer Product Brands, and we want to partner with you. Our goal is to grow together, while creating faster, more profitable growth for our mutual merchants. If you’re helping brands better leverage their data, let’s talk!

Benefits or Partnering with Daasity

Additional Revenue Streams via Data Analytics
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“Daasity has become one of Gorgias’ top technology partners, not only because of its best-in-class platform & our integration to support mutual merchants but because of how they approach working with other tech vendors.

Their commitment to reciprocity and building value-add relationships is something that continues to stand out with Daasity as we commit to deepening our partnership and maximizing the impact for our shared merchants.”

Chris Lavoie
Tech Partnerships Team Lead

“The team at Daasity has been one of the best partners that we’ve worked with at Attentive. We’ve been able to develop a first class integration that helps drive real value to our mutual merchants, and this is all thanks to their responsiveness and willingness to collaborate. Attentive is proud to be such a strong partner with Daasity and are very excited to see it grow to new heights.”

Greg Bauman
Director of Ecosystem Partnership

“At DataSmith, our clients rely on us to provide strategic and actionable insights to fuel their growth. Daasity provides clean and accurate data aggregated across our clients' data platforms, so that we spend less time wrangling data and more time focused on high value services. Partnering with Daasity has been a game-changer in helping us lead our clients toward their goals.”

Dan Hansfield
Founder of Datasmith

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