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Meet Daasity—the first analytics platform built and optimized for omnichannel brands. Own your data with 130+ Pre-Built Customizable Reports and month to month plans.

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"Daasity has been a game changer across all the brands I work with. Loving it and wish I’d made the switch sooner. Quick access to the data I need comes pre-baked by default with full stack data, from ops to growth within a couple
of clicks."

Ben Acott
CMO @ Magnetic Labs & Drink Monday

Seamlessly Streamline Your Data

Your best in class tools are collecting invaluable data on your customers, but they don’t make it easy to analyze how your company is performing holistically. That’s why you need an analytics platform that provides your team with actionable insights across your business.

We build Daasity solely for consumer product and omni-channel brands. We focus on Shopify, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, and Amazon to deliver the most actionable insights for your fast-growing brand.

Business specific data

Enrich reports with data that live outside of tools like Forecasts and SKU Mapping

End-to-End Data pipeline

Connect all your data sources for DTC-optimized ELT and Warehousing in minutes through simple integrations

Rapid and seamless implementation

Setup takes only 2-4 weeks

Sales data in one view

Combine Shopify, Amazon, Wholesale and Subscription sales

Customizable Reports and Data Models

You need an analytics tool that will adapt with your business. We kick off your analytics journey with 15 customizable pre-built dashboards and 130+ customizable pre-built reports that you can update at any time.

We take customization even further, though. You can go deeper and custom-build dashboards, metrics, and visualizations for your individual needs.

Access all your data at any time

No SQL editor

Anyone on the team can make updates

Customizable dashboards

Create unique reports for each team

Scheduled Data Reports

Regularly email dashboards to update the team

Analytics Expertise When You Need It

From finding the right analytics stack to onboarding and finding the next business-changing insight, our team is here to help you identify the opportunities to propel your business forward.

Whether you are building a custom report, tweaking a calculation, or updating your data model, we have a team of Analysts and Data Engineers who can help you get more from your data.

Transparent, Simple Pricing

Not sure you’re ready to make an annual commitment? No worries.

Daasity pricing is month-to-month, based on your company’s annual revenue (as displayed here). You won’t be forced into long-term contracts from the start. All plans come with unlimited stores, unlimited data, and unlimited reports.

Leading Integrations with Tools You Use Every Day

Join 1,600+ brands using Daasity today.

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