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Meet Daasity—the first all-in-one data platform built for consumer product brands & omnichannel brands. 
Own your data with built-in ELT, Warehousing, and Transformation Code.

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“Daasity helps us analyze and manage a complex omnichannel presence across DTC, Amazon, and internationally. Consolidating and normalizing all channel-specific data allows us to manage the brand and product portfolio holistically, without siloed channel data and has helped fuel our 100%+ YoY growth.”

Jameson Slattery
Operating Partner @ Kopari Beauty

Seamlessly Streamline Your Data

Your best-in-class tools are collecting invaluable data on your customers, but they don’t make it easy to analyze how your company is performing holistically. That’s why you need a data platform that makes it easy to build the data model and reports your team needs.

We develop Daasity solely for consumer product and omnichannel brands. Daasity connects with the best-in-class tools: Shopify/Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, and Amazon to deliver the most actionable insights. 

One Managed Subscription 

Own your data from source to BI with one tool

True End-to-End Data Pipeline

Connect all your data sources for DTC-optimized ELT and Warehousing in minutes through simple integrations

Rapid and seamless implementation

Setup takes only 2-4 weeks

Customizable Data Model

Update pre-built transformation code to meet your team’s needs

Powerful Data Models Out of The Box

Instead of spending a whole year building all the relational tables and calculations to get your analytics stack live, start analyzing your business in under a month with a built-for-DTC data model, eCommerce-specific metrics and calculations out-of-the-box.

With Daasity, analysts spend more time helping their teams make strategic decisions and discovering the next game-changing insights instead of maintaining data pipelines and building metrics/calculations.

eCommerce-Specific Integrations

Integrate common eCommerce tools like Amazon, Yotpo, and Gorgias

Pre-Built DTC Data Model

Complex tables and schemas pre-configured for eCommerce brands 

Bust the Data Bottleneck 

Spend more time analyzing the business with automated data and reports

Transformation Orchestration 

Coordinate loading jobs to always have the freshest, most accurate data

Analytics Engineering When You Need It

Don’t let an integration get held up because you don’t have engineering resources. Whether it’s updating a current integration or incorporating a new tool into your analytics stack, we have a team of analysts, integration engineers, and data scientists who can help you get more from your data. 

Transparent, Simple Pricing

Want to spend your time analyzing your business instead of calculating how expensive it’s going to be to update your data? 

Daasity pricing is month-to-month, based on your company’s annual revenue. Our pricing scales as you do. You won’t have to deal with the headaches of paying for the rows of data you update vs. don’t. All Daasity pricing plans come with unlimited stores, unlimited data, and unlimited reports.

Leading Integrations with Tools You Use Every Day

Join 1600+ brands using Daasity today.

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