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Creating a cohesive data model is a challenge faced by many DTC brands. Understand and run your business with dashboards full of metrics that matter.
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Our founders have over 20+ years of experience building DTC businesses with double & triple digit growth.
Natively DTC
We’re 100% focused on direct-to-consumer brands. We know what data sources you use and what you're going through.
How it Works

Insights Everywhere.

Lifetime Value

Optimize your business strategy using lifetime value learnings to acquire the best customers.

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Set your business up for long-term success by both understanding and optimizing your customer file.

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Equip yourself and your team with easy to digest info on financial components from revenue to discounts, margin, and more.

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Be sure your customers get their orders correctly and instantly identify fulfillment issues should they arise.

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Product Affinity

Inform your merchandising and retention strategies with rich info on what your customers buy.

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Traffic & Conversion

Keep track of the composition and performance of your site traffic with a single click.

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Our Features

Marketing Simplified.

Simplify the process of collecting information. See sales, spend, and return across platforms all in one view.

This dashboard reports on CPO (cost per order) and CPA (cost per acquisition), so you always know what it costs to get an order — and what it costs to get a customer. Compare self-reported, first-click, and last-click CPO’s to determine whether your ads are best used at the top or bottom of the funnel, or not at all.

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Understand where to allocate your marketing budget with an easy view of first-click and last-click attribution.

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Facebook Ads

See which campaigns are driving your business with metrics for Facebook advertising spend, CPO, ROAS, and more.

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Google Ads

See exactly where you’re spending your budget (and how you’re performing) across the Google network.

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Orders & Revenue

See an executive-level view of the metrics that matter across
all sales channels (Shopify, Amazon, POS, etc.) in one place




This dashboard provides a snapshot across all metrics relating to orders and revenue. You will gain a sense of which sales channels are driving your business and key components of your revenue.

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Daily Flash

Stay on track and stay aware of problems as they arise. Receive previous day, WTD, and MTD sales metrics delivered right to your inbox.

Consumers generally follow regular patterns so it’s helpful to compare year-over-year data accurately. We use the National Retail Federation (NRF) calendar to make sure this dashboard not only adjusts for the same day and week ToT. Enter your forecast to track your sales performance to your plan automatically.

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