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DripDrop ORS Helps Hydrate HVCs with Daasity + Klaviyo

DripDrop uses Daasity Audiences to target High Value Customers and win back customers with smart segmentation and precision promos.

We know that Daasity is working very well for our data. Having a single source of truth has made Daasity an essential part of our technology stack that we rely on.
Mike Demson, Senior Marketing Manager: Retention | DripDrop ORS

Behind the Brand

Founded: 2016
Employees: 50+

DripDrop ORS was created by Dr. Eduardo Dolhun while on a cholera relief mission in Guatemala in order to treat severe dehydration. DripDrop tastes great, saves lives, and has a wide variety of applications, wherever rehydration is needed: it can be used during exercise, when it’s hot, for patients with chronic or acute illnesses, when traveling, and for dehydration prevention.


DripDrop knows that the most successful retention programs segment customers, tailor messaging, and focus on their best customers. And the numbers don’t lie. Since they started using Daasity, DripDrop has seen a 300% increase in repurchase rate: so, once customers DripDrop, they don’t stop. 

For these segments, DripDrop leverages Daasity Audiences to pass both RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Segment data from Daasity into Klaviyo. Every day, Daasity’s data is updated based on changes in customer purchasing behavior, which automatically updates the Segments and flows in Klaviyo. 


DripDrop not only tracks the growth of their high-value segments but also has been able to analyze and learn about the progression of all customer purchase behavior over time. For example, using Daasity’s RFM framework, DripDrop tracks when Single Buyers become Multi-Buyers and when Multi-Buyers become High-Value Customers (HVCs), and build out flows to specifically target customers in each segment as they progress through their customer journey.

DripDrop takes their High-Value customer program a step further, though. They segment their High-Value Customers in order to target their best-of-the-best customers in other flows, like a VIP flow and Referral flow. Knowing these customers love their brand they send spend offers and messages to these customers to become evangelists for their brand. Driving LTV and bringing in new customers with potentially high future LTVs as well.

Thanks to the automated segmentation and data enrichment, the team savess 20-40 hours per month that can be used (among other things) to perform customer research at an even more granular level:


DripDrop takes their retention program to the next level  tracking when customers haven’t purchased in a while and may be at risk of churning. To ensure they don’t pass the lapse point they tailor special messaging for these high impact moments. 

The Churning HVC and Lapsed High Value Customers are automatically placed into winback flows to retain as many customers as possible.. This automation allows DripDrop to drop more customers back into their marketing funnel and extend their LTV.

Audiences is a scalable way to approach the management of our customer data. It’s feeding into post-purchase flow, our winback flow, and it’s eliminating ambiguity about data or performance characteristics. It’s just made my life easier.

Mike Demson, Senior Marketing Manager: Retention | DripDrop ORS

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